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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day

Today is Fathers day, and being in retail, of course we hype it early and often.

Seeing all those corny fathers day cards makes me think of the days growing up when we'd make our own cards for dad and watch with our hands behind our backs, rocking back and forth til we saw him smile, to make sure he liked it.

We never got dad ties, that I remember. I don't really remember what we got him to be honest.

But I do remember being woken up at the crack of dawn, loading our fishing gear into our wonderful blue van (I REALLY miss that van sometimes), and hitting the 7-11 for french vanilla coffee before hitting Seely’s Lake for a morning of fishing with dad.

I remember camping at Red Feathers, and wandering through the mountains. Swimming in freezing water with Beth and Nathan and our dog Nugget, who'd wander out of the water, towards mom and dad who were filming with our video camera, and shake cold water on them.

I remember being read Farmer Giles of Ham by Tolkien, with dad doing the different voices and making it a world that I still love. Long conversations about hobbits and wizards, tail-gating before Aztec football games, and listening to jazz at Gordon Biersch. Early mornings with a half cup of coffee mixed with half a cup of sugar! mmmmmm!! Reading scripture and praying together, those are the times I remember with my dad.

Now, dad is far away...HEY! 4 hours is far away!!!

Daddy, I love you.

I miss Aztec games, and lazy dinners listening to jazz. I miss National Letter of Intent Day, and being able to spend time with you whenever.

I hope you have a great fathers day. I emailed you a present! =)


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