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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Support Makes Me Tired!

Let me begin by saying, if I hear anything more about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting married, I'll walk around the rest of my life with cotton in my ears.

Now, onto other news! Friday, Visa had a possible unauthorized access to 40 million of their accounts. That's right. A *possible* unauthorized access. How can you be Visa, and not know if your system was hacked? *sigh* The level of corporate responsibility is so amazingly small. Although the leak was through a company that handles the charging, and no social security numbers or birthdays were stored in the information, that doesn't really mean it was ok. Like when Wal-Mart triple charged people. It wasn't really Wal-Mart, it was the charge company we go through. But it WAS still Wal-Mart's responsibility to their customers, AND shareholders, to make sure that things like that don't happen. I didn't see Wal-Mart taking responsibility for it. We were told to direct all questions to the other company. Oh well, right? More info from CNN Money

Of the cards involved, 13.9 million were MasterCard-branded cards, which include Maestro and Cirrus, and 22 million were Visa cards, said Visa spokeswoman Rhonda Bentz.

The breach took place at the Tucson office of CardSystems Solutions, which processes transactions on behalf of financial institutions and merchants. CardSystems said in a statement that it identified the breach on May 22 and contacted the FBI the next day.

Mastercard learned the final details of the breach this week, according to spokeswoman Jessica Antle. "It looks like a hacker gained access to CardSystems' database and installed a script that acts like a virus, searching out certain types of card transaction data."

"We're working with the FBI. It's a criminal investigation," Visa's Bentz said, noting that CardSystems "was out of compliance" with Visa's security standards when the breach occurred and that Visa would review whether it would continue to work with CardSystems when the case is resolved.

Onto other news!
Condoleezza Rice has said that U.S. will only deal with the Israeli and the Palestinian governments, and not terrorists groups such as Hamas. This came after Hamas representatives stated they had contact with the European Union reps. Just thought this was interesting. =)

Anyway. I worked tonight as support manager. Let me just say, I'm tired.
I touched every department today, from lay-a-way, to Garden, freight, paperwork, customers...and I am beat. Support shifts give me between 7 and 10 miles walked. I have such a great crew. I am honored to work with a bunch of people who work their butts off, cover each other departments and help everyone they can with a minimum of moaning. But come on, we're entitled! We work *hard*!

I'm just tired now. I'm ready to lay down and not go to work for a long time. Unfortunatly, I have to be back at 1 tomorrow. But Monday Pat and I are going out of town. We may register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond tomorrow. It depends on how bored we get. We also plan to see Star Wars, while Pat's car is being looked at by the Mazda dealership.

His drivers side visor isn't staying all the way up, and being the giant that he is, it impairs his sight. Not that he's always looking anyway! ha ha!

Anyway, off to read a bit before bed!

From the Stratics private forums:"xxx's gettin' Hitched - Not in-game, but in real life! Yay! I'm getting married so send me some wedding gifts. Don't know me? Doesn't mean you don't have to send'll do..........

To another Human?! Sweet! Welcome to the elite club of married men, the proud holders of the almighty Honey-Do list and the humble servants of "She who makes Supper".

Good night everyone!


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