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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Trips

Pat left today for his class in El Segundo, near LAX, about 3 hours away. He'll be back on Friday night. I however, will not be here!

A Fan Faire is being held in Las Vegas June 9th through the 12th, and I've been invited to attend! The Stratics gaming site, that I volunteer for, EverQuest 2, will allow me to attend and party with the developers! The schedule includes the upcoming expansion and adventure pack, a Gameplay, Features and Content forum and a tradeskill forum with the developers. There's also going to be a Spells and Arts forum, but that's mostly the numbers guys throwing out formula's at each other! As Pat can attest to, I'm not a numbers person!

Pat's up at the Ramada Plaza LAX where he has two bedrooms, a gigantic bathroom, free dinner and drinks, and everything! Lousy government employees!

I'll be staying at the Las Vegas Hilton though, and I'll have a casino! *dances* WOO!

I'd like to wish Pat's parents, John and MariLu a very Happy Anniversary! Thank you guys for all your support, love and your kindness in welcoming me into your family. *hugs*


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