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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Wedding Plans Actually Take Shape

Yesterday was my birthday, and Pat took me out of town for a WONDERFUL lunch at Olive Garden. We also got his eyes checked, with a new prescription for glasses and contacts. We also got his car looked at, including a full 25,000 mile something-or-other that ended up costing about 500 bucks. But it's worth it. The car runs well, and we go for long distance trips often, so we need to be sure that we keep up with stuff like that!!

We have to go back in a week for his contact checkup, his new pair of glasses, and the sun visor that the dealership had to order to fix the drivers side issue that our current visor has. So Pat will need to drag himself out of bed while I'm comfortably sleeping at 9am! It's allowed! I don't get home til 11:30!!

My friend Tawnia took me out to Denny's for breakfast, and then we wandered over to her house for a bit of computer issue stuff. I've since figured out the problem, but let me assure everyone....Having Pat around makes things SO much easier then if I was figuring things out on my own. I have gotten lazy over the years, between John and Pat. They figure everything out for me!

Well, it appears as if we've made progress in the wedding plans!

The 4 Queens is located downtown on Freemont Street. It's a really great area which has been greatly cleaned up in the last few years. There's a small map of the area right here.

So Pat and I are thinking February 11th, with a 4 day cruise leaving L.A. on the 13th!!

We're trying to get things budgeted out, and make sure that we get a good block of rooms at the hotel, with a discount! I like discounts!!

Anyway, everyone have a good night!

Happy late Fathers Day To Pat's dad John,, Weasel (also known as John!), Cody, and my very own father. Happy Tuesday to everyone else!

Tomorrow begins the weird new program at work (to be explained later), so wish me luck!


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