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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Wedding

Pat and I became officially engaged on December 9th. We were unoficially engaged a few days earlier when we were laying in bed talking about something mundane and Pat said "Marry me this summer". I thought he was kidding. It wasn't exactly romantic. :o

So we went and picked out my ring, and he got down on one knee and proposed...and I cried. It was great!!

Our original plan was to get married in Clinton, Tennessee, at Pat's parents house. It's a BEAUTIFUL house, and we thought it would be really neat in the early fall. However, it's a long way away, and plane tickets have not been what one would call affordable. So we decided on not doing it. One may note that we didn't decide at that time what to do. Just what not to do.

We decided about 8 different things. Vegas, Ridgecrest, Vegas again, San Diego, Ontario, Anaheim (honeymoon at Disneyland! WOO). But nothing was really seeming to work out, and my stupid lawyer STILL hasn't filed my paperwork. So right now....we're looking at Vegas. You can check out some of the dresses I'm looking at. The problem again, is that we're an hour and a half away from the store, and Pat and I don't have the same days off. Joy.

We think we've picked this chapel mostly because they give the film to you, and with today's copyright laws, that's hard to attain. So we retain the rights to our own film and can make as many copies as we want! As well as allowing video and cameras from our guests, which seems to be rare in vegas. The plan is to make my own bouquet with some of the girls at work, and take that with us when we go. Many people at work are irritated we're not doing something down here so they can celebrate with us. But to be honest, I'm not close to most people at work.

There's only a few people I would invite (*waves at Tawnia*), and most people out here consider celebrating to mean "drinking til you pass out" which is not my idea of fun!

We are of course, inviting John and Lisa to the wedding. My friends for over 7 years, John and Lisa have been true to me through all of the hardest times of my life. My immediate family will be invited, as will Pat's....but we're heading out to Tennessee a few days after the wedding, to celebrate with them at their home.

Our third anniversary will be February 11th, though we've known each other for far longer. We thought it would be extra special to celebrate the day we first committed to a relationship. That and Pat would only have to remember 1 anniversary. And let's be honest, he won't remember. But that's ok. I'll remind him!! :)

Anyway. That's it for the current plans!! :)

Enjoy your day everyone!


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