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Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!

I'd like to point everyone to this amazing website that has a great history of our country (unless you're Darren, and then, a history of MY country! ;p), articles on respecting the flag, fireworks safety, and just some interesting stuff overall.

Pat and I went to the Ridgecrest fireworks display that started at nine. Unfortunately, one of my co-workers pulled up next to us. Now I understand kids being afraid of fireworks. I remember being afraid too! Their granddaughter was scared, and cried for her mommy, and I felt sorry for her. They put her in the cab of their truck and sat with her, and all was well for a few moments. Then, out of the blue, some loud and obnoxious friend of theirs comes walking up. So the entire time, I was subjected to ignorant english, as well as a VERY loud conversation during which I was trying to watch the fireworks show, and listen to the music which was being broadcast from the pay area of the fireworks spectacular that Ridgecrest hosts. On the other side of us, just moments before the show started, a lone young man drives up in his exhaust smoking truck, pulls a chair from the bed, and makes himself comfortable, talking on his cell phone the entire length of time.

Now don't get me wrong, Pat and I had a great time. But do people really not know how to act in public? Every now and then the guy on the phone would get a little loud, and someone would shush him (I swear it wasn't me!!!), and he'd get ticked, as if what he was doing was perfectly acceptable.

I should have thrown sand at him. I did think about it.

Pat and I came home and set off our own (totally legal) fireworks of our own! We had a blast.

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Puppy didn't seem to mind the noise to much. He's a very well adjusted dog. Except when Tawnia comes over, then he's a holy terror. It's all her fault! Quack! *snickers* I'm getting pics of our night up in my gallery, as soon as I can remember how to access it.

There's been a lot going on at work, home, and with friends, but to be honest, I'm to tired to go over it all right now. I enjoyed my day off with Pat. We so rarely get one together. We're trying to get invitations out, but he's not being helpful, so I may have to tie him to the couch for an hour so I can get him to pay attention for just a tiny sliver of time!

I hope everyone stays safe, and if not sober, then at least responsible this holiday. If you drink and drive, make sure I never find out about it, because it's unforgivable, under ANY and ALL circumstances.

I love you all!! I will update more regularly, I PROMISE! Otherwise, Tawnia might hurt me. She's a big ol' meanie head!

OH! GO AZTECS! If you'll be in Vegas October 11th, join Pat and my dad and I with the Aztec Road Warriors!! UNLV vs SDSU!



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