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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings - 33 confirmed dead, number will rise, over 400 injured

Today, four bombings were perpetrated by what Prime Minister Tony Blair is assuming, terrorists. To my knowledge, no group has stepped up to take responsibility for their bombings.

The first bombing was at the Aldgate East station. 7 are confirmed dead.
The second bombing was only 5 minutes later from a train near Kings Cross and Russel Square stations. 21 are confirmed dead.
21 minutes later, yet another bomb exploded on a train. This one was traveling through the Edgeware Road station. 5 confirmed dead.
30 minutes after that, a bus exploded near Tavistock Square. No numbers, though fatalities have been confirmed.

PM Blair is now speaking, and CNN is covering it.....

There's so much for me to say, but my heart is so grieved for those involved. Innocent people, blown up, attacked, terrorized for no other reason then being on a train. For supporting their country, and beliefs.

Does how many people die affect what the level of gruesomness, hate and heartlessness that was carried out? Of course not!!!

Ex New York Mayor Rudy Giuliana was interviewed shortly after the attacks, and of course, he talked about how cities plan such hugely scaled operations, but that you never really know how things will turn out until you need to respond.

Victoria Station has now been closed.

Cell phones, land lines, and wireless access originally was shut down by the pure scope of the system overload.

The bombings seemed to coinside with the G-8 Summit which began today.

I really have to stop writing about this, the whole thing is simply to heart wrenching for me to continue thinking about.

My thoughts, prayers, and condolences to everyone involved.

To our British allies....I'm sorry. No one should have to go through this terror and the heartache of something like this. *wanders off to cry*

As a side note: I have just been contacted by a few friends, who've informed me that they've been unable to reach 2 people that we know that take Kings Cross and Picadilly lines to work every day. We're doing our best to contact them now.

[Edit @ 3:07 pm] We found Jessica, she waiting to board a train, and wasn't injured, but with phones down and the transportation system in pieces, she's stranded far from home. Still waiting for word from the Casualty Bureau for Khalyn.]


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