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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Well, finished Harry Potter this morning. It was an interesting read. After I finish my last Apprentice Series book by Robin Hobb (halfway done), I'll re-read it, and hope that it makes more sense. It seemed rather disjointed to me. Seperate from the other books, and a storyline that wanted to get somewhere quickly and then fizzled when it finally got there!!

It's my Friday. It's been a rough few days. We just don't have enough people to do what needs to get done, and I'm so tired of telling people I'm sorry. I have no help to offer them, no assistance to pull from anywhere in the store. I have stressed out, overworked, underpaid associates who are very simply, tired. Just as I am.

Hopefully it will get better, but our sales are so low, and our payroll is so high, that it will be many weeks before our store recovers, much less gets some help. And the harder we work, the longer the days seem to drag on in interminable drudgery.

The weather here doesn't help. It's 10:45 in the morning here and 110 degrees. Yesterday, it was 115. *cries* There is no true hope for coolness. Pat and I are not leaving town until the end of August, and by that time, I'll be a shrivled little peach.

Though sometimes I am tempted to rant at Pat for bringing me to what is called "The Gateway To Hell" by residents, instead "The Gateway To Death Valley" by the Ridgecrest Tourist Authority. Let's get real, there are NO tourists coming to Ridgecrest. They simply pass by our bit of nothingness before passing to death valley. Why they'd want it to get hotter then it is here, I can NOT imagine. Anyway.

Off to eat some breakfast, and then off to work.

I've lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks. I think I'm doing well! *dances*


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