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Monday, July 11, 2005

Sexual Abuse Rampant. What Will You Do To Stop It?

Joseph Duncan III grew up in Washington, before moving to North Dakota. By friends, he has been described as a deliberate man, one who thought things through. His mother has been described as domineering, his father, a lifetime serviceman.

In 1980 he was convicted of raping, repeatedly, a 14 year old boy at gunpoint. He was sent to jail for 20 years. While the system couldn't qualify him as a sexual predator (you tell THAT to the 14 year old kid), he became just (?) another registered sexual offender.

In 2004 he was accused of molesting 2 boys. He was charged with molesting one and attempting to molest the other. He jumped bail and took off.

Not more then 2 weeks ago, he was found in the company of Shasta Groene an eight year old who's family had been found, bludgeoned to death. Her mother, older brother and her mom's boyfriend were all found in a gruesome picture that I really don't want to go into. Her other brother, who's remains were identified on Sunday, was kidnapped with her. Only her father remains of her immediate family.

This sick man sits in jail, awaiting trial...though charges have not yet been formally brought. I know that we shouldn't judge. But that doesn't stop me from thinking about the facts in repeat pedophile cases. Let's look, shall we?

  • More than 40% of convicted sex offenders who prey on children will become repeat offenders.
  • On average, each pedophile violates approximately 150 kids in his/her life.
  • More than 4,000,000 convicted child molesters live in the United States today.
I don't know about you, but I'm shocked. How many children need to become victimized before offenders are taken seriously?

My heart breaks for the people who are truly robbed of their self in this way. Murder takes your life, but rape leaves you with a shell of victimization and hate towards yourself, your attacker, your family....everything! Which can take years to overcome.

Parents, please talk to your kids. It's never ok to be touched improperly, even if someone says it's a secret. It's okay to tell mom and dad your secrets. They're mom and dad, they're there for you, to protect you, and your "friend's secrets". Do not laugh at your children when they communicate to you their fears, and secrets. Keep them safe, you're their parents!!

Most importantly GET INVOLVED!!

Know who in your neighborhood is a registered sex offender, become familiar with Megan's Law, call your local police chief, attend meetings, talk to parents, teachers, day care providers. It is up to all of us, but especially parents, to be responsible for children.

Shasta, was perhaps, lucky. They haven't yet talked to her about whether she was physically abused. I wonder if, growing up, she'll wish she had died along with her brother, rather then deal with the victimization. I hope not. And I hope that judge who was involved in his first case, and in the second, has to watch her give testimoney. And then, I hope they fry him.


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