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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top Movies?

I am interested in finding out people's top 10 must watch movies. Now, I'm not a huge movie fan, I'd rather be reading. Pat and I have gone to the theatre maybe 4 times in the almost 3 years we've been together.

My favorite movies are those which are close to the books they project, and are, for the most part, happily ending movies. Horror scares the bejeebees out of me, and though I enjoy Pooh and Tigger movies, they aren't the type you'd sit and watch over and over again. So, for now, which will change as soon as everyone puts their input in, this is my list, in no particular order.

  1. Pirates of the Carribean - Great entertainment, really good acting (Go Pirates!), and a very Disney feel, other then the creepy skeletons
  2. The Ref - May my father forgive me! Dennis Leary is one of the funniest, most profane comedians, and this movie just makes me laugh so hard I cry.
  3. Hook - Anything with Dustin Hoffman rocks!
  4. The Lord of the Rings series - Cause Frodo is cool
  5. Amadeus - That high pitched cackle...what more could you ask for?
  6. Beauty and the Beast - I cry every time I watch this movie. One of Disney's best animated films, it truly changed the future for the animation industry.
  7. Toy Story I and II - There's a snake in mah boots!
  8. The Truman Show - We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.
  9. The ORIGINAL Star Wars series. Episodes 4-6. None of this prequal crap! (Though episode 3 is pretty darn cool!)
  10. Basketball - Cause though Southpark was cool the first 2 seasons, Basketball just goes on and on!
    • There are lots more movies that should be fit into here somewhere. Definitely Zorro the Gayblade has a place, as well as Shrek I and II, and The Incredibles, Not Without My Daughter, Broken Arrow, The Big Lebowski, The Rock, Office Space, Gettysburg, WaterWorld, Patton, Driving Miss Daisy....oh there are so many good ones!

      So click on "comments" below, and give me your top ten!!


    Blogger beckybee said...

    I forgot Sphere!! Best movie that is EXACTLY like the book! Go Dustin Hoffman!

    12:31 PM  
    Anonymous Ivy said...

    Wow, 10 movies huh? Well, here goes...

    1. Hands down the Lord of the Rings trilogy!!! Although the changes they made in the Two Towers enfuriated me- specifically with Faramir! Grrr!

    2.The first two Harry Potter movies. Prisoner of Azkaban was a huge dissapointment to me. Christopher Columbus was amazing. I m thrilled that he is directing Rent!

    3.Pleasantville. One of my all time favorites, and sadly one I haven't been able to find yet. It tackles some really intense issues, including racism. I love watching the characters develope.

    4.Chicago. I saw this play at the Schubert theatre about seven years ago. I really feel that they did a wonderful job translating it to film!

    5.Moulin Rouge. This movie is truly bizarre, and an utter masterpiece. And it's a musical, which by now you should know I love! The like a virgin scene cracks me up every time!!!

    6. Dodgeball. This movie is hilarious!

    7. Ever After. A wonderful romantic comedy that leaves me with a smile every time I watch it.

    8. Peter Pan. This movie was visually stunning! And so much closer to the book than the animated version. I adore it! Just wish that they had kept the book ending.

    9. Phantom of the Opera. This is exactly like I had always imagined it to be when listening to my cd so many years ago. I was a pre teen when I was fist introduced to the soundtrack.

    10. Secondhand lions. Has it all! Danger, heroism, romance, family, comedy! You name it, this movie has it. Best of all it's appropriate for all ages.

    Well, there's 10. There are so many more that should be on my list, these were just the first that popped into my head. Here's another question- what movie would you NOT reccomend to anyone? I would have to gho with Unfaithful. I hate that movie with a passion. It made me sick to my stomach the one and only time I saw it. I suspect it would only be worse now.

    1:39 PM  
    Anonymous Ivy said...

    I've been thinking about it all day, and there were so many of my favorite movies that I didn't list. I couldn't help it, I had to add them.

    Connie and Carla, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Finding Nemo, Finding Neverland, Fried Green Tomatoes, George of the Jungle, A League of Their Own, The Notebook, Pirates of the Caribbean, Remember the Titans, Save the Last Dance, The Shawshank Redemption, A Walk to Remember, Where the Heart is, 50 First Dates, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shrek, Shrek 2, and Spiderman 2. If I think of any more I promise I'll keep them to myself. Except for I Robot. Ok, seriously, I'm done!

    12:35 AM  
    Blogger beckybee said...

    OOOH! Rocky Horror Picture Show! Ivy, we need a movie night (or day, with our schedules!), seriously!!

    12:38 AM  
    Anonymous Ivy said...

    Got the movies and the popcorn, just let me know when! :)

    12:34 PM  
    Anonymous Dimli said...

    In no particular order...
    1. Rounders
    2. O'Brother Where Art Thou
    3. Suicide Kings
    4. Big Labouski
    5. Basketball
    6. South Path Bigger Longer Uncut
    7. All Pixar Movies
    8. High Fidelity
    9. Office Space
    10. All View Askew pics (Dogma/Clerks/Mallrats)

    10:29 PM  

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