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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Weekend

Well, it's been a long couple of days! First off, we haven't heard from Khalyn yet. Things are both grim and hopeful at the same time. I won't go into detail, I'll spend the rest of the day in tears.

Pat and I have started our invitations! Hopefully they'll be sent out on Tuesday, but I thought I'd give everyone the final info here as well!On Thursday, February 9th, we'll stay at Stateline's Whiskey Pete's, before heading into Vegas and getting our marriage license. It's Valentine's Day weekend, so we expect the license office to be busy!

On Friday, February 10th we'll arrive in Las Vegas, and we'll head over to the 4 Queens.

The 4 Queens is now offering rooms for Weekdays at $44 a night, and weekends at $77 a night through their website. A good site to find info on downtown hotels is Cheapo Vegas, or if you haven't been to vegas in a while, is a great resource. I would recommend not waiting to long to get a room, as the prices will most definitely go up as we get closer to Valentines Day!!

We figured our families would get together on Friday the 10th, and have dinner, and introductions. Then on Saturday we get married at 2:30, giving me a chance to get all purdy'd up! Afterwards, we'll find a good place to take pictures of all the families together, and then we'll go to The Cheesecake Factory which is located inside Caesars Palace on the strip.

The invitation list is as follows:

  • Pat's parents: John and MariLu
  • My parents: Al and Vicki
  • Pat's sister and brother in law: JoEllen and Mike
  • My brother and sister in law: Nathan and Jenelle
  • My sister: Beth
  • My best friends of almost 7 years: John and Lisa!
While there are others we really want to invite, like my friend Tawnia, and Pat's cousin Jessica, we feel that this would really be a good time for our families to meet and get to know each other. Also, since Pat and I so seldom see our families, it'll be good to spend time with them.

We have decided not to register! There's not much we really need, and we're asking everyone we love to spend time and money in coming to share this important moment in our lives. We both feel that this is more of a gift then anything else that can be given. =)

Yesterday our store did a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network which included a car wash, hot dogs and soda's as well as a dunk tank. Being part of the management team, I was asked to participate in the tank, and I have to admit, the day was a lot of fun, and we made $351 dollars in 4 hours.

The China Lake Chief Petty Officers were an INCREDIBLE team, and we couldn't have done it without them.

We had a great turnout of associates, and I am so pleased that many of my night associates turned out to help. It was really fun, and despite putting sun screen on my shoulders early in the day, I forgot to re-apply after a few dunks in the tank, and ended up with red little shoulders. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Major thanks to Tawnia, Ivy, as well as Vanessa and Danny for not leaving me by myself yesterday. You guys all rock.

Pat has quit playing World of Warcraft and I've decided to spend less time on the Stratics site for now, so we can spend time on the house. We're trying to get our backyard ready for next year, so I can have a garden! Puppy is doing amazingly well with his training. He hardly ever jumps on us when we come home, though I'll need Tawnia as a victim so I can train him not to jump on visitors!

Today is my last day of work before 2 days off, so I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and plan to have a great week!

I'd like to wish Pat's cousin Jessica, a very early happy birthday, since I'll probably forget before it comes around. And I'd like to apologize to JoEllen and Mike for not sending a card for their anniversary, but Pat really isn't in to that stuff, heck, I'm lucky he emailed his parents on their anniversary!!!


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