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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Camping! WOO!

Well invitations went out today!! Book your hotels!! Please don't make me stress over whether you're coming or not! :o We had some doubts about our cruise, but after doing more research we think this could be really great, and we're both very much looking forward to it! We can take our own champagne on board, which is VERY exciting, because I've always thought a honeymoon should include a champagne toast!!

Pat and I leave for camping tomorrow! We head to Independence first, the city right outside our camping mountain, before we head up to Onion Valley! The road is 13.8 miles almost straight up! We'll hike to Little Pothole, which is 2 miles away from the campsite, and enjoy our evening fires, as long as it doesn't rain!

Many people at work have said they can't imagine me camping! I really don't know why! I really can not be on the computer for hours at a time, and I enjoy solitude and quiet. Pat and I can sit and listen to the fire, and the evening noises and stare at the sky with narry a word to each other for a long time, just enjoying each others company. I adore camping! Next year, we're doing it more often!!

While camping, I want to visit the fish hatchery that's in the town! Maybe Pat will let me sneak home a fish!! I'll name him slippy! Slippy Trout Simpson! He'll never let me do it! :(

The best part of camping? There's a Burger King on the way, and a Subway in town! MMMMMMMMM! FOOD! I realize that it's nuts that I'm looking forward to camping for the fast food, but come on, we don't get out of town much!!

I tried very hard to step down as support, but our head assistant came to me and asked me not to. Said they'd work with me on scheduling, and whatever I needed to be happy. Now I'll be off one weekend a month! I guess the plan is to hire another support manager, for a grand total of 3, and switch weekends off. Let me just say, that would suck. I LOVE being support, and I get bored when I'm on the floor. Plus it's really hard to switch from being a regular associate some days of the week, to pretty much running the store and being in charge of everything and everyone other days.

Now I'm going to be managing even less days, and somehow, that doesn't make sense. I probably should have taken the pharmacy job, because now I feel as though I had a choice between Pat and work, and somehow, I chose both again!! *sighs* I am really confused by all of this. I am struggling very hard with not taking care of Pat and the house, but I am BEAT by the time I get home.

I guess I'll just need to keep feeling inadequate at both, because right now, it doesn't appear to be fixable! BLAH!

Anyway, it's going to be a great weekend, I'm really looking forward to it!! YAY!

Stress comes, and it goes. You get sick, you get better. Pat has taught me not to stress things, he has taught me to be calm, and to accept, and move forward. I love him!


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