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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm not dead!! :o

Pat's mom and dad were here with us! They got here Thursday night, and they left today at 7am! ugh!

John and MariLu are incredibly gracious people! They are so nice, and have welcomed me into their family with such willingness that it's humbling. I have a great time every chance we get together, and I'm so glad they came by to spend some time!!

Pat's dad works for the Oak Ridge National Labratory. I'm not exactly sure what he does there, but he has a doctorate in fiber optics, or something along those lines. He's fun to talk to, and incredibly intelligent!!

Here we are bowling!! MariLu, and Pat,

More Pat and John!

We had a great time, I'm really glad they got to come out, though it kinda makes me miss my parents quite a bit!!!

Pat's mom is simply awesome!! She's smart, and funny, and Pat simply adores both of his parents. It's so easy to see where he gets his laid back attitude from! She really makes me feel as if I'm not doing what I should to take care of Pat (not by anything she does or says, but just cause she takes such good care of her house, and John), but I can't help thinking it would be so much easier if I didn't work! So, I guess the right amount of care taking will just have to wait!

MariLu started teaching me how to quilt, which I'm very excited about! I finished my first square, which isn't a perfect square shape, last night, and will continue to work at it, with Pat as my dedicated fabric cutter!! I'm crocheting a baby blanket for Vanessa, who found out she's having a boy!! YAY!

Now time for some cool stuff I found online!
Disney's Virtual Kingdom! - A free online MMO where you can visit the Magic Kingdom! I think I'm in heaven!
Microsoft beats Apple to patent! - Interesting stuff. I might seriously look into the portable players once there are more options! A flash player, definitely!
Google Delays Book Scanning - Copyrights? What Copyrights?!! Going to be an uphill battle, but the publisher that first does it is going to be rich. But don't make any stock purchases based on my opinion. Unless you're going to pay me for it!

I am so looking forward to camping!! We're going to Onion Valley, there's a fishery there, and a subway!! mmmm Subway!! I've got 7 working days til we leave!!! YAY!

Anyway, one more day of work, and then it's time for some days off!! I talk to my head assistant today about my terms for not leaving. He asked me not to step down, and to be honest, I love my job. And I'm really good at it.
We'll see how things go!

133 days til Christmas! ºoº


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