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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Camping was fun

I realize this is a week late, but oh well, ya'll will live!

Pat and I went to Onion Valley last weekend, (Aug 25-27) to camp for a few days! We got to hike up the mountain to Little Pothole lake. The trail starts at 9100 feet, and goes up to 9800 feet within 2 miles. The hike was pretty excruciating, since I'm so out of shape, but it was FUN! The lake was beautiful, though small (as the name implies).

It was so steep!!!!!!!!!!! I mean steep!!! We took a little camelback with water, and a few protein bars for sustanence and we just hiked!! On the way down we saw 2 deer! They were so close to us...we got some great pictures. I haven't gotten them up yet, except for Pat's personal website. Please be aware, this is hosted on our computer here, so it's really slow, but the pictures are cool!!

We had a chipmunk which came right into our campsite and tried to steal the cashews and almonds we had brought to munch on. He succeeded! The little monster wasn't scared to come right up to us, and more then once was within arms reach. I hope the little guy doesn't die come winter, since I doubt he's storing food. He was a horrible menace. But we got some good pictures!!

Pat's never been to fish hatchery! We got to see some really big trout, and we've decided to try our hand at fishing! Those fish were HUGE, and while we didn't have a quarter to feed them, there was some food sitting on the ground and it brought back my memories of feeding fish at the Colorado hatcheries I went to, years ago. Pat's eyes went wide when he saw those fish jump out of the water to grab the food. He was impressed, and acted like a little boy who had found a new toy. He was so cute, and it warmed my heart!! I love my honey!!!!!

Hopefully we'll get a chance to go more then once a year. My schedule will hopefully be better next summer!!

On other notes, the Aztecs were destroyed by UCLA on Saturday. Their quarterback had fractured his hand a few days before the game, so I was hoping we'd at least stand a chance, but it ended up 44-21. I know they sold a lot of tickets, and I know that most SDSU fans are disappointed in the showing. I am rather disappointed, but oh well, that's the life of an SDSU fan!!

I was really hoping we'd get a chance to go to a game this year, but with my schedule, it's not really gonna happen.

SOE is going to have the 2006 fan faire in Atlanta, hopefully in April. I'm really hoping I get a chance to go. I've worked so very hard. Pat and I have decided not to go to E3. It's too expensive, though it's so exclusive that in my heart, I feel kinda bad not going. Pat is right though, we need to concentrate on getting a car for me, and on paying off the 2nd mortgage. But the little girl in my still wants to goooooooooooooo!! *pouts*

We leave for Reno on Wed. Pat will be going to the Tailhook convention. I'm so excited!!! I've never seen Lake Tahoe, and Pat promised to take me, so I could see it!!

Everyone have a great week, I hope you all had a safe weekend!!


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