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Friday, September 30, 2005

The New Wedding Plan

Let me tell you a bit about E-3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is held at the The Los Angeles Convention Center.
Our trademark glass and steel pavilions, which house the exhibition halls, towers and lobbies are conveniently linked by a meeting room concourse forming a grand unified center. With a total of 720,000 square feet of exhibition and 147,000 square feet of meeting room space, the Los Angeles Convention Center provides a preeminent setting for any event.
Every gaming company in the world has a booth, and tries to show off for the media so that their next game/console/accessory/chair/hardware/software gets mentioned. Entrance for non-media has not been allowed, until the company realized they can charge thousands of dollars, and people will pay! Luckily, I'm not that rich, though I am that crazy!

My volunteering with the Stratics Media Group does not assure me a ticket. My hours and hours of dedication and mindless forum whoring, does! Yes, I'm a forum whore, get over it.

The reason I bring up E3, is that it is intimately tied to our honeymoon plans! Here's the goal!

  • Thursday, April 27th, Stay in stateline, get marriage license

  • Friday, April 28th, Hopefully meet family and enjoy each other in Vegas, let everyone meet and greet, etc

  • Saturday, April 29th, Get primped up and get married! Food after at the cheesecake factory, with pictures of everyone in between!

  • Sunday, April 30th, Leave for home

  • Monday, May 1st, Drive to LA and take our cruise!

  • Friday, May 5th, Disembark, and drive home, after a wonderfully relaxing time together on board.

  • Monday, May 8th, Leave for E3!!

  • Friday, May 12th, Come home, after an exhausing week of hanging around with game developers and walking the floor a thousand times for panels, and interviews!

I'm sure I'll take a few days off work after we get home, before beginning married life while working! LOL

Anyway....that's the plan!!!! :p Time to go back to sleep. My tooth is KILLING me!! :(

Oh yeah, Pat fixed my sidebar thing! GO PAT! *dances*


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