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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Drugged and Loving It!

Well, at my dentist appointment yesterday, I finished Skipping Christmas. Not one of John Grisham's better written books, but a great story, and we all know how much I love Christmas! Only 81 days to go!!

My dentist finished up the one root canal with a post and a temporary crown, while we wait for the lab to deliver the regular crown, in about 3 weeks. I had to pass on the other 2 root canals, because my insurance limit has already been met for the year. So we'll finish this one up, and in January, start again! I'm on drugs, and it's not fun!!!

The Stratics page I've been working on is live, but (at 9:30am PDT), our webserver is down! Later, check it out at I'll be working more on this site then on the EQ2 Stratics site and I'm enjoying DAoC SOOOO much, with friends to play with! To check out my characters, click here. To check out my playtime, click here.

Today I get to work with Tawnia!! YAY! Our Disneyland trip is going on October 24-26th, and I am SOOOO excited!!!

Work is going ok. It's easy to get frustrated and a little uneasy about going there every day. But I guess that's kinda life, and everyone feels that way. I just so wish I could be doing something....ANYTHING else!!

Today's links?

OH! Speaking of the dark side, Star Wars 3 or 6, depending on your numbering system, comes out on November 1st. I'm thinking of taking the day off, and having a Star Wars marathon!! You know, first 3, then last 3, again, depending on your numbering system! LOL! Oh....wait. I do have that day off (just looked at the Calendar!). I might have to harass Tawnia into watching with me. She's never seen any of them!! That's like saying you were born and raised in the U.S. and have never heard of pizza! Or McDonalds!! I have weird friends!

Pat and I were able to pay off his Mazda6, and are now thinking of a car to get for me! We considered a hybrid, but honestly, it's not worth the money. You get a once only tax break, but the car is way more expensive for the base model hybrid then a regular, say, Honda Civic, and if you know me at all, you know base models are yucky! :p
So we've been looking, and thinking, looking, and thinking. No decisions yet, but I'm hoping to drive my car for as long as possible, so we have longer to save, so we have a bigger down payment, so I can get a nicer car. Not that it really matters. But it will be nice to leave town on my days off, and maybe go to Disneyland, or down to visit my family. Weird that my family is 4 hours away, and yet, since moving in, we've only seen them once for pleasure. The other 3 times was taking care of my bench warrant! HA HA HA!

So if you have car recommendations, let me know! They have to be purdy, get good gas mileage, and all that jazz. I wanted to stay with a manual, but apparently in the last 3 years, automatic's are either matching or beating the manuals as far as gas and mileage performance!! Weird huh?

Someone just sent me this link, and I think it's awesome! If you don't know what Tovin is, you haven't known me long enough....seriously!!

Technician Optimized for Violence and Immediate Nullification

Biomechanical Electronic Construct Keen on Yelling

Positronic Artificial Technician Responsible for Immediate Calculation and Killing
That's all for today folks! Have a good week!


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