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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google Rocks!

Good Morning!!

This weekend, so far, has been awesome!! I got yesterday off, since I'll be working 6 days in a row, and without it off, I'd be working 10 in a row! WOO! Pat and I got to play Camelot with Steven, and IT WAS SO FUN!!!! SDSU lost by 3 to UNLV! Pat and Dad and I wanted to go to the game, but you know...things kinda get in the way! =( It would have been a blast to go though, get a chance to hang out with Steven and all!

We've re-scheduled the wedding for April 29th! I kinda have to get on doing stuff for it. I thought I was mostly done!!! Hopefully invitations will be going out before next Monday, October 17th. We're inviting Pat's mom and dad, Sister and Bro-in-law. My mom and dad, Sister, Brother and sister-in-law *waves madly at Jenelle*, and of course, John and Lisa, and Steven. Wouldn't be right if they weren't there!

Pat and I have known each other 4 years this month!!! 4 years!!!! I'm getting old! :o I've known John 7 years, I think. And Steven I've known 5 years or so. But they've all been such a huge part of my life, from gaming to getting married. Heartbreaks and treatments. I'm honored that they'll be there when Pat and I get married. They're family. They need to be there. Plus they all like Pat!! WOO! Not like the last one, which they both told me to drop...and of course, I ignored them, but we won't go there!!!

I work today from 1:30 to 10:30, and then tomorrow at 8am is my interview with Skywest!!! I am so excited! Then I go overnights for 5 nights, to help set out Christmas pre-set. Full Christmas set can't go in til November 1st, since all the halloween stuff is there now. I love setting Christmas! I can buy all the cool stuff I find while setting it, rather then waiting. I know that if I take money to spend though, that I will, and then I won't have money to have fun at Disneyland, and I'd cry!!!!!

Onto the gaming world!! WoW Allakhazam stuck an ad on their site that was a keylogger!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!! Idiots. How do you accidently install a program on visitors computers that causes all keys that are hit (like when you log into your game account, or into your bank account to save and send them to someone else? Again....idiots.

Let me tell you how cool Google is! Google lets you create an account and then, you can do lots of cool stuff!!!! RSS Feeds (I do one for EQ2 Stratics), Gmail, with lots more storage space then you'll ever need, email updates about cool goings on, and best of all - personalized Google home pages!!!

My homepage is Google, so whenever I open up my browser (STOP USING IE PEOPLE!!!), I get the Ridgecrest weather, stock market quotes for Wal-Mart and Extended Systems (Pat's old workplace), the top 5 U.S. news stories, the first 3 emails I have in my Gmail account, and some quick hit bookmarks!!! HOW COOL IS THAT????!!!! Anyway, if you don't use google, you're either ignorant of the internet, or plain stupid, so be sure to check it out, either way.

Have a good day ya'll! I'm gonna go get some breakfast, and do my best to annoy Pat out of bed! WOO!


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