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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I may hate you, or I may not. It's up to you.

First off all let me say, I'M DRUNK!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast getting drumnk, I had a lot of fun with Pat's friends,a nd it's been ove a year since I scared Pat and I so shitless we had a 3 month set-back in oour relationship because I actually dtank beer. Which should NEVER happen!!!

I had a blast tonight, was ablet o have fun, and anyone that knows me knows that typos mean I'M DRUNk!! YAY!

Let me just say for the record. This is my blog, I can say what the hell I ahve to say. And with that in mind. if anyone ever wants to tell me that I do not have kids, for any reason at all, they can go to hell.

I want nothing to do with you, and I revoke your ri9ghbt to say anything at ALL to me anout anything!!!!!!

I lost my child in a painful and horribly physical way, and if ypu want to rub that in, or think that God, in his infinite wisdom killed my child to punish me, you're a fucking idiot, and I hate you.

If you want to reconsider you position, I invite you to call and apologuize. If not, may you go to hell and rot with the knowledge that you've said probably the only thing that can cause me anger and pain.

If that's your goal with your relationshop with me, then may God take whatever wrath on your soul that he has planned, I know what sins you hide from the world, believe it or jnot. Otherwise, never bring it up again, or Pat and I will never speak to you again, will shame you wothin your own group pf friends and loved ones, and will expose your shame to the world. I know what sins you hold within your little heart so dearly. Do not think that I grew up with your overbearing, hypocritical ways and avoided learning your way of lying and decieving others. I will expose you, if you hurt me.

I love you all, please forgive me for typing this. I am a vengeful, hypocritical bitch who will fuck you over if you hurt me or the love of my life.

I love you Pat. My one and only.


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