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Friday, October 21, 2005

Not Drunk Now! WOO!

Well, now that I'm sober I'm tempted to take down my last post. But I've decided to leave it up for a few reasons. First of all, the idiot who said those hurtful things, has caused me days of agony and heartache, and I want him to know it. Second of all, those are the thoughts that I have, even when sober! These thoughts would be in my head, in my heart, screaming to get out, and I would supress them, knowing that I would appear rude and uncivilized by saying something, even when someone has hurt me.

I am not ashamed at these feelings. They are here, and must be dealt with, and thank God, I have a man who understands this, and who is WONDERFUL at helping me through my emotional mess (and 8 weeks physical disaster) of loosing a child.

I then, will leave that post up. To remind myself. Sometimes, when someone hurts you, even someone who's supposed to defend you in all cases, and love you regardless of anything. Sometimes, they can be stupid, and hurt you, purposefully, or not. And they should be ashamed. And I will not allow it to happen again. You don't have the right to hurt me. I take that from you!

To everyone else, I'm sorry for the drama, and we will now return to our regularly scheduled program!!!

Disneyland on Monday!!! YAY! Christmas in 65 days, we already have our mini-tree up! WOO! That is all! Have a great weekend everyone! I intend to!


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