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Monday, November 28, 2005

My Saturday!

Well, it's my friday! I have two whole days off, and I am so excited!!!

This weekend is what we at Wal-Mart call Blitz, and what apparently, much of the retail world calls "Black Friday". In one day, our store does about 4 times the business we normally do. Seriously. It's crazy. We had a ton of psycho people lined up outside when we opened on 5am, and when I went home at 11pm our store was so thrashed it wasn't funny.

The pinched nerve in my back has, for the most part, gone away. When bending, or sitting a certain way I can feel it tighten down to my knee, but normally, my movement is not impeded at all!

I've had a hard time getting into this Christmas. Normally, I'm all about the wonderful season of light, love and joyful giving. This year, I just want the stupid thing to hurry up and leave so work won't be quite so insane. I am so looking forward to our trip to Laughlin. A chance to get out of town, enjoy each others company with no stress from our work, see one of my bestest friends whom I miss very much, and just celebrate! YAY! 'til then, it will be hard to buckle down and do the every day stuff. While it has gotten easier in my department, during my support shifts it seems as if the associates in my store seem to demand perfection from others while settling for mediocrity from themselves. I need to carry around a stick of whining and start slapping people with it. I like that idea. I'll have to flesh it out a bit, but it might be workable! *laughs maniacally*

I walked 4 miles today, in 65 minutes. Creating not only great soreness in my back where I was previously hurt, but also in my poor little feetsies! Yes, that's a word. Promise! :p I'm proud of myself! Now I just need to keep it up! WOO!

Off to spend time cuddling with Pat while watching TV! Enjoy everyone!


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