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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Pain! The Pain!

Let me begin by saying :

That's right, my little bro's birthday is today. YAY!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog update.

Well guys let me tell you, sciatic issues suck!! Between the cough I started to get and my throat hurting, my back, hip, leg, knee, and foot is caught up in excuciating pain, it's been a miserable few days. Sleeping is the worst. Poor Pat, I've kept him awake tossing and turning. I have a dr's appointment tomorrow, but I know he's gonna send me to a chiropractor, and my insurance doesn't cover it. Heck, my insurance only covers 80% of my dr's visit, with no co-pay. So I guess it's time for the Motrin again. Which sucks, cause I am so tired of taking medications!!!

So I went to the doctor yesterday (Wed) and got a muscle relaxant and motrin. The pain hasn't really gone away, it's just dulled. Went back to work for about 6 hours last night, and am not looking forward to today, much less this weekend. I am seriously considering asking for a transfer out of the electronics department. The drama is just to much. I used to laugh at people who said they quit because of the "b.s." But I'm rapidly approaching that point. I would have quit, long ago!! If it wasn't for Pat, and the disappointment I know he'd feel if I crumbled and let others get the best of me. But it's so hard, and depressing, and horrible going to work knowing I can't say anything to anyone because people are watching me for the slightest of mistkes. Bastiges, all of you!!!

So the 4 year old boy that died back in June while riding Mission Space at Epcot Center died of a heart condition. You can read The Seattle Times' view on it, if you wish. While it's so sad, it's also not something Disney can do anything about, so back off people! A kid is dead, do we really need to blame someone? Grow up.

It would appear most of my co-workers in electronics have signed up with a blogging service called My Space. The funny part is, only one of them has actually entered a blog! The rest have...well home pages, with info about them, but no blog! To "MyFault" may I just say, your ramblings touched my heart, and my thoughts are with you!!! *hugs*

Not a whole lot going on otherwise. Need to get started on the Christmas cards. I have presents to send to both my family and Pat's. I have 2 guides I'm in the middle of writing for DAoC Stratics, and am applying for whatever job I can get out here!!

I'm ready to stop being in pain, get out of town and focus on me and Pat, instead of on everyone else. But apparently, that's not gonna happen 'til January! Come onnnnnnn January!!!!!!!

Everyone have a great week! I'm gonna go take some more motrin and make some breakfast, at 12:30...ha ha ha!


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