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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Be Nice Or Leave

I've kinda been in a rambling mood today, and about to leave for lunch, and then work on laundry, so here's a vent for Christmas!

The tree is decorated with lots of sparklie lights. The presents are wrapped, some well, some thrown together in a mad dash of "I ran out of time". I haven't gone shopping for our Christmas dinner yet. We've promised each other we wouldn't spend more then $50 on each other. I went over the first day. He deserves nice things!!!

The parking lot at work is filled with stressed out shoppers who zoom through at 45 miles an hour and start laying on the horn when someone tries to pull out of a parking spot. (If you were going the speed limit, you wouldn't have almost killed someone, moron.)

The store is filled with emotionally and physically drained associates who've gone through one of the best years our store has had accident, sales, and morale wise. It's also filled with rude and unkind customers who'll cuss at you simply because you can't cuss back (wanna bet? Try me. I'll kick your butt out of that store faster then you can say "I know your manager, Sal"....Try it! Our truck crew would LOVE to escort you out of the store! They need the break from 2-3 trucks a night!).

On the other hand, it's filled with people who are calm, and kind, and understand that I make mistakes. To that person, I say thank you. I realize that our associates screw up. We're human. We go through a lot of freight, boxes, customers, money, left behind items, cashed checks, money orders, pallets, lost merchandise, and chocolate (gotta keep that morale up!) every day. But we also try very hard to do our jobs. Our job is to provide our customers with low prices and good attitudes. Yelling at me doesn't give you a good attitude btw, it gives you a really ticked off time bomb who makes less money now then I did when I was 16!

I will do whatever you request to show you that I KNOW we don't have the game that you want. Making me spend 45 minutes looking for in front of you, while 8 customers waited, 'cause I'm the only person in the department, that's not cool. I'm not gonna tell you "No I don't have it" to make you go away. I want your money. I want that sale. That's my job. That's my bonus, my eval, and my job. I may work at Wal-Mart, that doesn't mean I have the IQ of a snail.

Why would you make people jump through hoops for you? Can you not trust that someone is doing their job? Trust me, I wish more of our associates would just say, "If it's not on the shelf, we don't have it", instead of spending an hour looking for something, when they could be stocking stuff we DO have onto the shelf. But that's our job. If you want it, and we have it, isn't it our responsibility to provide it for you? It's also in our best interest. We want your money people. If there's any way I can get you to part with that extra 5-10 bucks before you walk out the door, I will!

If I tell you I don't have anything, it's cause I don't. If I tell you I'll look for it, then I'm not sure, but man, if it's there, you'd better bet I'm gonna find it. Again, with the wanting sales thing. If I look and I don't find it, it's not cause I did it half assed. It's cause I'm human and missed it. I wouldn't turn down someone who WANTED to give my store money. So give it a rest people. My associates are not out to get you. It's not a conspiracy to hide merchandise. We wouldn't be in business if we did that!

My associates work hard to stock our shelves, merchandise our products and help our customers. If you walk into the Ridgecrest Wal-Mart - pay attention to what we're telling you. We want you to shop here and give us money. Yelling, throwing a fit, and cussing....well that's just rude, and we don't deserve it. Besides, it makes you look stupid, not us. And we're the ones who work at Wal-Mart!


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