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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gamer Charities and Stuffs

Well guys, I had a huge blog written up, but you know, I don't feel like going through and re-editing everything. So today we'll have a short little fun update. Well, mostly fun!

BBC News posted this interesting article!

An abortion can cause five years of mental anguish, anxiety, guilt and even shame, a BMC Medicine study suggests.
Now, anyone that knows me knows I'm anti-abortion. But I have friends that have had them. Some regret it, some don't. Either way, it's their life, and they need to live with the consequences. I just find this type of study interesting!

John sent me this awesome link to Radio Rivendell. While I haven't listened to it yet, it certainly has a well put together website that's easy to nagivate, and draws you in! I'll report again once I've actually listened!

I've gotten my second guide up on DAoC Stratics! It's a tradeskill quest guide! WHEEEEEEEE! E3 is looking like it's not gonna happen. I really want to go so badly, but I really feel we need to spend our money on other things. Hopefully I can find someone to go and cover Mythic's stuff really well, since they haven't announced anything about their next expansion or anything coming up!

Last update I talked a bit about charities, and now I've found 2 good gamer ones, that I couldn't help but talk about! Child's Play is run by the talented and slightly insane people over at Penny Arcade. I really think it's a great thing to do, and the fact that it's for kids really helps.

Get Well Gamers takes old games and gaming systems and sticks them in hospitals so kids can have access to them. Everything from Sega Dreamcasts to Playstations that (amazingly enough) still work. Isn't that awesome??

Those of us heavy into computer use will know the words: Skype, Ventrilo, Roger Wilco, and TeamSpeak. If you know it, check this out!Intersting huh? Stupid Bill Gates! Go Skype! Didn't realize it was Ebay though. GO EBAY! LOL!

Just as an aside, the person who's looking for the UO info needs to email me, as I have the account info, including the password. There's no way for you to change the password without my email and password....which even Nath won't be able to figure out.

I ordered some stuff online today, and let me just tell ya, Old Navy has a great site! Easy to navigate, easy to order, easy to change info and search for new items, great checkout! WOO!

I know Jeremy doesn't read this page, so I'll show you his Christmas present. He's weird. I know.

I'm amazed that I meet people who don't know what Google is. If you're not using Google, how do you find what you need?!! I couldn't imagine using anything else, at least, not yet. Yahoo is the closest thing to it, and the page is too cluttered. I have enough chaos in my life, do my webpages need to really look like that? I think not.

Last piece of news for the day, I saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I saw the opening show here in town. Told work I'd be a few hours late, and I was. It was awesome. It was not the book, but then again, no screenplay is. I was truly impressed. Pat and I are going again the day after Christmas, since (hopefully) I'll be off Sun/Mon/Tues.

The drudge of normal work starts again today. I wish you all a wonderful and pleasant week. I'm too stressed to do anything else! :p


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