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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shop Early, Or Get the Hell Out Of My Store!

Let's be honest. Who shops 4 days before Christmas and complains that stores are out of stuff? We're a seasonal store, and the goal is to be out of the merchandise the day of the event, or in this case, the day before. Why? We lose possible income by markdowns. It's basic retail. Don't like it? SHOP BEFORE THERE'S 4 DAYS LEFT!!!

I really don't see how this is rocket science. Obviously the goal is to have enough for each of our customers, but you know, if you wait til 4 days before one of the biggest celebrated holidays in the U.S. and blame me for all of Wal-Mart's issues, you're the idiot, not me! :)

Onto other news, today's music includes:

  • Benny Benassi - Satisfaction. This music is on the Wendy's commercial where the burgers turn into an equalizer! It's what I'd call industrial techno. The Benny vs Depeche Mode is also an excellent choice.
  • Debussy - Clair de lune. Beautiful song! What more can I say?
  • Barenaked Ladies - Elf's Lament off of their Barenaked for the Holidays album. GREAT music!!!
  • Tony! Toni! Tone! - If I Had No Loot. So 1991 R&B, before it got crappy. Love these guys. Yes, I'm old school, deal with it!
  • Anna Nalick is still high on my list with her "Breathe" song. It's just got such a flow, and it makes me want to cry and be righteously angry at the same time. That's kinda my Fionna Apple fan cheering inside when I hear music like this.
Speaking of Fionna Apple, I saw her album Tidal at the store last night, and I was truly shocked. I love Fiona Apple! Back when I worked at Sea World she came to San Diego, and I cried when my stupid boss wouldn't give me the day off so I could go see her. I've never been to a concert that wasn't at 4th & B, and it would have been spectacular, but some people have no idea of the joy that a simple evening off can hold.

My current head assistant, Terry, does though. He gives me a weekend off a month, except for December, there's just no time!! But he knows how hard it is for Pat and I to do anything together. I work either 2-11 or 1-10 Wed-Sun, leaving Monday and Tuesday for Pat. And let's face it, Monday is football! LOL! Isn't that horrible? Anyway. I don't get to watch Nascar, or football, or basketball games. I'm going to miss the Rose Bowl. On that note....WHO PLAYS A BOWL GAME DURING THE WEEK!!!!!! Idiots. Anyway, I'm a little bitter about that!!

I can't tell you how I'm looking forward to Laughlin. Thinking about seeing Steven after years of talking but never being able to get together melts my heart and makes me cry just thinking about it. Steven is closer to me then anyone in my family. He is the most important part of my family, other then Pat, of course. The ups and downs we've shared as friends have plummeted us to despair as well as giving an elation that can't even be described. I'm closer only to Pat, and possibly Weezy, though I don't talk to him as often as I do suckafish!

Today lunch will be Ridgecrest Chinese Buffet with Pat's group, DPSS. Digital Precision Strike Suite. They do something with satellite imagery, and go directly through the fleet for training and all that jazz. Still looking for a job on base, but I'm thinking that Wal-Mart might just be the place to stay for a while. Maybe after I get my car I can go down to 32 hours, and spend more time playing Camel...I mean, picking up the house! YEAH!

Have a good day everyone. Remember, I love my color blind friends!!!


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