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Thursday, December 08, 2005

What an update! whew!

  This whole update is a bit disjointed. I'm writing it at 1:30 in the morning, and in order to make sure I catch everything I want to cover I started a sentence on each topic, to remind me what my point was! It's 1:30am, give me a break here. Sleep has been a weird companion lately. I need to get so tired that I fall asleep instantly, otherwise I lay in bed for hours. I'm doing ok thus far, but as has been the case before, it's only a manner of time before I exhaust myself and sleep for almost 2 days straight. Hopefully that doesn't happen until after Christmas!

  In big news today: Pat is gonna think it's not funny, but it really is. Who says they have a bomb, run out of a plane with armed and well trained gunman telling you to yield and to follow directions and then reach into a bag? The man who was shot dead, that's who. What an idiot. And if he was mentally ill and hadn't taken his medication....well then I would say a video of the whole thing would be a perfect commercial for whatever medication that might be. Sorry. We pay these people to be well trained assassins and then get mad cause they killed a guy who was acting strangely, and actually said he had a bomb? How freaking stupid can you be?! Seriously!! Sad he died yes, sad he got shot at? Hell no. The marshall was doing his job. If the guy did have a bomb, that marshall would be a hero! If he hadn't shot him, the whole plane and much of the terminal could have been gone. Let's not be stupid, and let's not so quickly forget Sept 11th. Especially on Pearl Harbor day.

  And it's been a busy week. My bankruptcy hearing is over, and was amazingly short and sweet for the amount of stress and lack of sleep that came about because of it! It was a pain in the butt to drive so far for something that lasted exactly 30 seconds. I should receive my discharge in March, or beginning of April at the latest, barring any strange happenings. Friday is the opening of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. YAY!

  Very recently there was a Christmas craft fair here in town, and Pat made special arrangements to take me, for which I am very grateful. It made me miss Christmas on the Prado which was recently bought out by the stupid San Diego Chargers and turned into a disaster. The fair had no Christmas jewelry, but had a ton of geological stuff, pretty much the same people who go to the Ridgecrest Rock Fair which seems to be a big deal here. Let's be honest though, anything here is a big deal. We found a Christmas present for some of Pat's family. Pat is big into buying presents for a person who has to be reminded 10000 times to call his mom just to say hi, and then his mom ends up calling him before he gets it done. I talk to my mom and sister weekly and really have no intention of buying them Christmas presents. Sorry guys!! I do love you, and I do love the thought of sending you heart warming presents that make you think I picked out your gift especially with you in mind.
But let's be honest, that won't happen. I'm not that with it. Sorry! I do love you though!!

I'm having problems with Ridgecrest again, in case you didn't notice. I hate work, I hate the town, I hate the food, water, weather, people (well I don't hate ALL the people, just most!), etc etc etc. I can't wait for Laughlin, and I can't begin to tell you what a relief it was to my wearied heart to be out of town for my bankruptcy hearing this week. A small respite it might have been, but something is better then nothing.

  Christmas is Christmas is Happy Holidays?! I don't think so bub! I celebrate Christmas, so I say Merry Christmas. If someone wants to tell me to have a Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Lamb Killing day, GO FOR IT, though if you're out killing lambs, stop it! And the next associate at my store who tells me we can't say Christmas because they saw it on the news, I will hurt! *rawrs* But if you're offended cause I say Merry Christmas, then I'm offended that you look at me! Let's both go to court and sue our happy butts off, and I'll be happy, and you'll, hopefully, end up having a nervous breakdown, cause you're offended so damn easily! Grow up people. I'm not telling you to go kill babies, I'm giving you a common greetings among Americans at this time of year. Deal with it.

  I would like to point you in the direction of The Christian Coalition. This idiotic organization has done nothing in their attempt to make Wal-Mart look bad, but to bring down our competitors. And why? Why do they care what I call it, if I don't celebrate their holiday the way they want me to celebrate? I point you in the direction of this article and this one. Idiots, all of them. Why right the stupid fights? When you actually have something important to fight, like prayer in school, or taking the word "God" out of the Pledge of the Allegiance, it's like you're calling wolf!! Idiots. Truly.

  Pat found this amazing show on The Game Show Network called What's My Line, and it's amazing! (First off,at first the only good link I could find was Wikipedia but I had to change it because I HATE it, so I found another one! Anyway!!) I'm impressed. Less then 50 years ago people could speak with such eloquence and with such a wonderful vocabulary, what happened??? It comes on late (1am or so) but if you ever get the chance to watch, I highly suggest you take it. They use truly spell binding word usage and incredible sentence structure. I wish I could speak like that. But who would understand me, and to whom would I speak? Oh well!

  I've put up my first Camelot guide! It's all about the Tradeskill Basics in the game. It looks ametureish and retarded, imo. But I am hoping that the structures of the guides and pages will flow better with time. In the mean time, I've asked Pat to help with the technical stuff, including keeping a zipped backup of the site, and making sure that each update to our FTP server is done in such a way that I don't crash the whole Stratics network. That would be oh so funny.....ha ha.

  I found out that some of the dumb people I used to be guilded with on my old server (Percival/Albion) are also on the classic server and realm we're all currently playing (Gareth/Hibernia). I've already run into some of the people in the guild they're in. I hate them. Stupid dumb backstabbing idiots. =) That is all! At least on that subject!!

  You know, I realize that I'm spoiled. So let me take a moment to remind people of our common spoilization!

  • Chances that you will die of cold this winter, 0000.000001%.
  • Chances that you own a TV and will enjoy either a Christmas (or freaking Kwanzaa or lamb killing, come ONNNNNN) special, football, or a parade this season - VERY high!
  • Chances that you've actually gone hungry at some point in your life - Very good! But you're not starving, so all is good
The point? Well, as Pat can attest, I often try to give away his money to organizations that I feel are able to distribute it to the most people in the most efficient way possible, while he whimpers about me spending all his money. I'm highly distrustful of The Salvation Army and other huge organizations. I think that layers of unneeded cost is inherent in any large organization. That and people are greedy. So if you know of a good company, or know of a bad one, please use the comment feature under this post, and let me know, so I can do some research.

  Oki, that wasn't really my point, but it was something I remembered to bring up! GO ME! The real point is: Please be thankful for what you have. So many others, even here in the U.S. have less. I've gone to bed hungry, and cold. I've gone without basic "necessities" (electricity is NOT a necessity people! Even in Salt Lake! Trust me! I know!!) and I feel comfortable in saying that I'm a spoiled brat and I take what Pat and I have for granted entirely too easily, and it bothers me. I don't want to turn this space into an infomercial site about charities, but I will say it. If you have excess (and we ALL do), please think about finding a good way to share that with people who have nothing. On the other hand, the trick is to find a way to share that with people who will take advantage of it and use it to get themselves to a better place in life isntead of using it for sex, drugs, or booze. Or any combination therein. When I figure out how to do that, you'll be the first to know! Anyway, enough editorializing, or whatever you'd like to call it. Just don't call it begging please. I promised myself I wouldn't do that. I'm not Bono, or Angelina Jolie.

  As the time ticks on past 2:30am I realize I have a lot of strange thoughts in my head. Often, when I am thoughtful, it helps me to write down (or type) my thoughts. They come in a jumble, and must be re-arranged to make any sense, sometimes multiple times. Often though, I do not write them down, and I loose thoughts that I (at the time of thinking) feel would be a good idea to remember for later rumination.

  And while I'm thinking about things I should be thinking about for later thinking I am reminded of this important piece of information for you all! Avoid Music Match!!! While I'm usually a Yahoo fan, this is one piece of technology which is worse then ANYTHING that Microsoft could have come up with if asked to design the biggest piece of crap software they could. Yes, it's that bad. The program takes over your computer, even if during setup, you ask it not to! It made itself start during windows launch, again, against my direct instructions. Customer service took and no, I'm not kidding, 4 weeks to return an email telling me they would eventually get to my request. Are you kiding me? For a pay product, with a stupid little free thing available, you're better off going to Winamp, or even, *gasp* Windows Media Player. Trust me, for me to recommend WMP over anything is shocking, and should tell you the level of disgust I had with the product. Yahoo seriously missed the mark here. They should actually ship the programmer who's most responsible for the downloading system off to somewhere in Siberia and make him work on russian translations!! WOO!

I am off to bed, it's almost 3am, and I'm sure I will wake poor Pat with crawling in and getting comfy. I'm sure I'll fall right asleep! Everyone have a great weekend!

[edit: I realize upon re-reading that some of this sounds more disjointed then I had originally anticipated, but I'm too tired to fix it, and later, I won't want to change anything for fear of not remembering the exact thoughts I had, so please forgive the typos, horrible usage of commas and !'s, and I used a ton of the word "for". I promise I'll do better later!]


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