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Thursday, February 09, 2006

3 Years! WOW!


Today marks 3 years that Pat and I have been together. What an awesome 3 years it's been. I bought Pat a card and wrote him a little letter, and I hid it in his dresser so he'd find it this morning while getting ready for work. While I want to get off work early to spend the evening with him, I'm not sure how well my paycheck will that it, since I haven't worked a full 40 hour week in quite a while! GO ME!

My friend Tawnia:

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I'm so proud of her, she's quit smoking!!! GO TAWNIA!!!!

BTW, in that picture, she thought I was out of film. She doesn't normally walk around looking like that! She's the one I went to Disneyland with back in October. We need to plan another trip. Maybe to Laughlin to go out and have fun with her toys. I've never met another woman with such an amazing collection of very cool toys!

In other stuff, last night marked a huge frustration for me at work and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I'm so frustrated with spending my two days a week in a department working on projects only to come back and have everything all screwed up. I know that's the nature of retail...but geez people, could you put stuff back where you find it?! *cries*

I've started a game called Seed, which just entered beta about a week ago. It's a lot of fun! I'm still playing Camelot though. I don't see myself leaving it. I'm trying really hard to get a wiki up for it, similar to what Wikipedia is. But I can't figure out the wiki text to use. I barely know HTML, and I'm trying to learn something entirely different. It's very hard, and I'm getting discouraged. I want to make a difference in the DAoC community, and I really think this will work. I hate the Camelot Vault boards which are filled with flaming, rude, unhelpful posts. I want to make DAoC Stratics a place where people can go for help, but my time is so filled with other things with Stratics I can't give it the attention I want!! I just need to buckle down I guess.

Today is DPSS's (Pat's group at work) lunch, so we're meeting at Subway to talk and hang out, and then I'll go to work and talk with my department manager Alley (well, her name is Sheri but there's to many Sheri's at work, and there was once 2 in the department as well as one Cheri! So it's confusing! So we call her Alley), about the problems I'm having at work, and hopefully she can clear things up.

I've decided I'm really gonna buckle down at work and do well. I've kinda been slacking since Christmas, but I need to change that, and so today starts my new plan of working 100% at least 80% of the day! WOO!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend, and a great time!!!


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