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Monday, February 06, 2006

Associates Cut From Wal-Mart Circular - WM Admits Defeat, Caves To Outside Pressure!!!

One of the things I have always loved about Wal-Mart is that they use their own associates in their monthly advertisements. No longer....and I hate it.

Starting this month, we've started using models. Who knows why. Maybe the actors guilds got mad that we weren't paying our associates extra for modeling time. Maybe to keep the press off our backs about something else stupid. But regardless of the reason, it made my eyes a little moist when I realized what they had done.

We are drilled with the idea that our assoicates make the difference, as seen here on Wal-Mart Facts. Our computer-based learning stuff (CBL's) never stop with the "You guys are so great and we love you, and please keep making us millions of dollars while we suck the soul from your very being" baloney.

To me, seeing our associates and their friends and family in the ad (what we call "tab"...I don't know why!), was FUN! It was different!!! And now, it's gone. How totally, and utterly retarded.

Wal-Mart is so caving to the preassure of the industry, the media, and the left wing nuts who only want all large businesses to be penalized for doing capitolism the right way. We have given over our top exec jobs to people from Home Depot and Target. Which isn't all bad. Competitors do things right, and we need to learn from them, and change to maintain an edge! But we don't want to become them. I like being "us". And I like being on top.

We have allowed ourselves to give in to the mass attacks, our associates being treated as if working there assures low wages, no hope of moving up, and truly....being accused of being nothing but low class scum who can't find another job.

To most of Wal-Mart's detractors (not all mind you, Wal-Mart does do some pretty stupid stuff), I have this to say to you!


I am TIRED of hearing people complain FOR me that my medical coverage is bad. I know it's bad!!! Well, it's not horrible, but it is bad. There's no prenatal care until this year, and even that is pretty crappy. Going to the doctor to find out I had a pinched nerve cost me $175. There's so little preventive care I end up paying over 75% of the cost for my yearly girly checkups and such. But if I complain about it, THAT'S MY RIGHT!! I work there! And things are getting better, and if I don't like it......I can get a job elsewhere!!!! DUH!

I don't need people telling me that quite a few associates are on Medi-Cal! I've considered getting pregnant and telling people I don't know who the dad is, just so that I can go to the dr's whenever my little toe bothers me a bit. Stupid huh? Then why does our federal and state goverments allow such stupid things, and why do idiots blame Wal-Mart associates for being smart about taking advantage of such a really screwed up way of doing things??

The new law in Maryland that forces Wal-Mart to give money for associate healthcare actually helped (check this out!!) 0.5% of all residents in that state. OMG PEOPLE! WE'VE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THAT STATE BY FORCING THE EVIL CORPORATION (singular, thank you.), TO PAY!!! MWA HA HA

Sad thing is, whatever money doesn't go towards covering the associates medical care (estimated to be about 200k a year for care with a 300-500k windfall) has to be donated to the state. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....greedy blood sucking idiots. And even bigger idiots are the people who voted for those who pushed that law into place!!! I think it's funny and sad at the same time!

Anyway. My point? Unions need to leave my poor little store alone. I did nothing to you but try to take care of my associates, and my customers. Why you gotta get retarded and mean because we did it better then you, with a better business plan, a lower cost, and a smarter way? Oh right.....cause you're stupid.

To my company: Bring back the associates in the ads! It makes our corporation different, that we involve associates ONLY in our advertising, from circulars to commercials. Why change that? Why make our business something we are not, so we can fit in. Poor Sam is turning in his grave....while his kids mop up the money faster then you'd believe.


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