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Sunday, February 12, 2006


I would like to introduce you all to my friend Christina!

She works in layaway! She's cool and I adore working with her! She has a bad habit of waiting until I pass layaway, make my way to the front of the store and to the CSM podium before calling me back to layaway. She's been helping in our domestics department, which desperately needs it, and anyway, she's cool!

In other news: today is friday!!!!!!!! I am so happy!! Pat and I got to go to breakfast together, and we're very much looking forward to going out of town on the 20th.

Interesting links:

Web Sudoku - Pat is addicted

The Castle Game! - WOO!

Go - I'd go RV'ing if I didn't have to drive something a million times the size of Prelude.

Shades of Green - The military hotel at Walt Disney World.

Disney Discussion Boards - For everything from Disney Cruise Line to the parks!

How Playing Monopoly leads to family issues!

Talk Like A Pirate Day! - I'm having a TLAPD party! MAYBE! LOL!

Ridgecrest Earthquakes

We've got to get invitations out this Monday (tomorrow), and of course, I have a ton of Stratics stuff to do! Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend!!! *dances*


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