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Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Wedding Plans....Again!

All right, so Pat and I changed plans yet again! MWA HA HA! We're good at that!

Here are the new, and almost completely full-proof plans!

We arrive in Nevada on April 26th. We're staying at Whiskey Pete's which is a Primm Valley Resort. All 3 resorts are owned by MGM/Mirage. We intend to play some craps, some blackjack, get pretty hammered and enjoy the fact that we're embarking on our official life together, even though we've been together 3 years!

On April 27th we check out of Whiskey Pete's, and head over to the Four Queens in Downtown Las Vegas! We get checked in and then head to McCarran International Airport to pick up our friend, Adrian. Adrian and Pat went to school together and we'll be basically partying it up in Vegas!

My personal plans include $3 Blackjack at El Cortez, Craps at Casino Royale, walking the strip with a margarita in hand and laughing at the tourists who are taking pictures of the cabs! Of course, who knows what Pat and Adrian have in mind. Hopefully it involves BJ and rum and diets!

On April 28th Pat, Adrian and myself will check out the chapel and make sure all is good. We'll pick up our wedding license, and do all the driving around, since we'll probably all not be in a partying mood so early.

We'll head to the strip and probably play at Boardwalk or maybe Imperial Palace and Harrah's. Then we'll head over to Caesars Palace and make sure they have enough room for us all for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. We'll plan for dinner between 6 and 7ish I'm sure, and then we have show reservations for 10:30.

On Saturday April 29th at 2:30pm at the Shalimar Wedding Chapel Pat and I will exchange vows and make our committment public and official! Immediately after we'll meet outside the chapel for pictures with friends and family and everyone together, and then we'll meet for a reception/dinner around 6:30ish (still tentative). The dinner will most likely be held downtown, since that's where we're staying, and after dinner Pat and I will yet again, be partying it up at the blackjack tables!! WOO!

Before the wedding the only thing I really need to do is get my hair done, and enough makeup so that the pictures will come out properly.

Sunday, April 30th we take Adrian to the airport, and head off for home an official married couple!!! WHEEEEEEEEE

May 1st we leave Ridgecrest for San Pedro, where our Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Monarch of the Seas departs sometime in the evening! Our 4 day cruise will hit San Diego, the island of Catalina, and the Mexican port of Ensenada where we're taking the La Bufadora excursion! Just a small note here. Once, we went to Ensenada to visit family. I remember spending time with my Aunt Becky while everyone else went elsewhere. That time with her is so very special to me, as she was always surrounded by people, but went out of her way to make room and time for little me. I dread going. Anytime I think my aunt, I cry. I miss her. And I love the person that she was, and the strength that she taught me when she was alive.

On May 5th we arrive back in San Pedro, and we start the drive back home!!

I'll be off work from April 24th through May 15th. So I get 2 full weeks of playing housewife and taking care of my honey. We're open to suggestions on times or restaurants for get togethers! There's also lots of cool things to do in Vegas, even if you're not interested in drinking or gambling, which I can NOT understand at all, but to each his own!!

If anyone has any questions, let me know! Here's the list of the invitee's! Not sure if everyone can make it yet!

  • My Mom and Dad (Al and Vicki)
  • My sister and her boyfriend (Beth and Johnny)
  • My brother and sister-in-law (Nathan and Jenelle)
  • Pat's Mom and Dad (John and MariLu)
  • Pat's sister and brother-in-law (Jo and Mike)
  • Adopted family - Steven, and John and Lisa.
  • My Bestest friend Tawnia
  • Pat's Bestest friend Adrian

Good sites for Vegas info:

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Las Vegas Sun (Vegas Newspaper)

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