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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today's News!

In today's interesting news:

Apple has new plans for a cheaper iPod Nano, and is lowering the price on their Shuffle hardware. Originally $99 bucks, the Shuffle is now going to be $69. Check out this Mercury News story about it!

This Orlando Sentinel story shows the big news (for me) about Disney's big turn around with their theme park revenue! Apparently the 50th anniversary stuff has been good for them! And it was fun! has this story about the AOL and Yahoo plans for paid email non-spam delivery. Apparently people are saying it will erode freedoms and such stuffs. The solution? SWITCH EMAIL PROVIDERS! If you use AOL or Yahoo, switch!!! :) Be sure to tell them WHY you're switching! And then watch as they suddenly change their minds!

The Detroit Free Press has a story about GM's money issues!

Next year, GM will reassess the health care benefits for retired white-collar workers, and consider program changes such as higher monthly contributions, deductibles, coinsurance and other options.

Google, being the cool thing that it is, has this announcement from Reuters! Apparently, they're pushing the envelope yet again!

ABC News has a story about Coke loosing moola. Maybe if they made something as yummy as Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper they wouldn't have a problem!!

Of course, this story about child tooth issues in California will lead to a Medi-Cal type program for dental stuff. Sigh, there goes more tax money!


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