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Monday, February 06, 2006

Valentines Day Plans? Who The Heck Cares!!!

Pat is leaving for St. Louis on Valentines Day! Since our anniversary is on Feb 9th, it's really not that big of a deal, and though we talked about postponing his trip, we don't have any plans for the day, and I don't think his group can afford to postpone this trip anyway. That means I'll be all by myself that week, and the 15th is a huge meeting for work!!

Since I work nights, I'll have to say goodnight to Pat on my lunches (5:30-6:30 Wed-Sun) so that I don't want him when I get home from work at 11pm and wake him up!! I'm not sure why he's going. Something about a verification of software, yada, yada, yada. If I could understand that stuff, I'd be working on base instead of at Wal-Mart! LOL!

My wedding was once planned for 5 days from today. Talk about scary, I'm no where near ready!!! Tawnia is keeping my dress safe for me! I still need to buy shoes and such, but I'm more worried about clothing for the cruise! WOO!!

This week in Dark Age of Camelot:
Adra my little bard completed a quest called Circle of Five, or Co5. It was a grueling 4 hour raid with 32 people. In that time, I only had to /ignore one person! Pretty impressive!!!

Yaeina has been being powerleveled by Pat, for who knows what reason. I think he enjoys PvE more then PvP because you can jump in game and do something without hours of wait and a few deaths before you do something cool!

Melip is my mentalist, and I've been working spellcrafting with him. It was originally Pat's character on my account. That's the only reason I'm playing my first and only male character ever, in an mmo!

Here's another fun Ridgecrest Blog I've been keeping up with and his marriage advice entry is one of the truest and funniest things I've ever read! Recently he linked to this blog that's also fun to read!

In other news! Google, the coolest thing since the net, has blocked the German BMW site from showing up in any search index used by anything using google technology!! WOO! Stupid companies using underhanded tactics to get their sites to show up over a more qualified site! Good for Google!! WOO

Anyway, I'm out of more news, and should go do more housework so Pat and I can hang out tonight and enjoy the pleasure of each other's company while kicking some serious pixel butt in PvP tonight! *waves*


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