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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaaand they're OFF!

Pat and I are taking off now!

You can watch the wedding here! At 2:30pm on Saturday, hit that link. You'll see Pat and I being all married and stuff!

I'd like to remind everyone to watch their manners, and their words while at this wonderful celebration of mine! :) People not getting along will be ostracized from any other life furthering events, should they ever occur. =)

Please, everyone drive and fly safe! I've sent out our phone numbers and contact stuff. If anyone needs it and didn't get'd better search your old emails, my ICQ and YIM accounts and pray, cause I won't be checking emails while in Vegas! :)

I can't wait to see Mr and Mrs Weezy, I miss them so, so, so much! And Pat is so psyched about Adrian. I miss everyone else of course...but no one is as cool as the Weezy's! :)

Anyway, gotta go finish packing and getting everything together. See ya'll (I hope) on Friday. For those who didn't get invited, or can't come *cries over her Tawnia* we'll take a lot of pictures, and we'll gladly show them off!! *dances*


*goes into withdrawls thinking of no internet for the next 2 weeks*



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