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Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Wal-Mart Truly Is A Family

I've never been so proud of my store and associates as when I saw Josiah standing in the store with a line of people waiting to hug him, and tell him that we all loved him and his wife, who'd just lost their baby.

When we heard the baby was born 6 months early and only a pound we all clutched our chests and started to cry. When we heard the baby had died we all shed tears of pain and anguish knowing one of our own had lost a child.

When Josiah walked into that store it was amazing to see that everyone wanted him to know we were there for him and his wife. It truly touched my heart that everyone offered their love, tears, and financial support in this difficult time.

To everyone at the Ridgecrest Wal-Mart, I am proud to work with you. Thank you for showing others how we can truly be a family.

Tiffany and Josiah: We love you both so much, and we love your little daughter with all of our hearts. Please know if you guys need anything we are here for you.


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