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Friday, May 26, 2006

Hey Look! She Does Update This Stupid Thing!

Today marks the day I've lost 10 pounds lost since we started eating healthy and exercising, May 9th. Of course, to celebrate the birthday of one of Pat's co-workers we go out to a chinese buffet. Healthy!

But I'm about to head off to exercise it off, and we'll both continue to eat veggies, fruit and appropriate portions of food while exercising and helping each other through the hard times. So far, I'm the only one that's slipped. That half a bag of cheetos was really yummy! :o

One of the guys from my Eve Online corporation (the equivalent of guilds in other games) ZiTek, posted this excellent link! Now normally, I avoid youtube like it wasa the plague itself, but this was an excellent find!

In other news, I had an interview for a job yesterday that I would LOVE to have. It's the dream job of my entire adult life, and I go in for a second interview on Tuesday. Please, please, please keep me in your prayers and thoughts! I'd miss Tawnia terribly, and a few others that I enjoy working with....but at least Tawnia and I would be working similar hours/days and we'd be able to plan out of town trips WAY easier!!! *crosses her fingers*

May 20th came and went....and with it my memories of spending time with Jerusha and celebrating birthdays oh so many years ago. The sleepover when we watched The Little Mermaid like a thousand times before we fell asleep at 6am to be woken up by Susie making us yummy waffles! I miss her, and wish her nothing but the best. I know she's close to Beth, so I hope that Beth passes this along to her. Just so she knows she's still loved, even if we're not close anymore.

I'm looking for the Terry Goodkind book Pillars of Creation. I finished books 1-6 since the cruise (May 1st), but I somehow lost this one....and it's KILLING me that I can't finish the series. Granted, last time I read it I stopped after being smashed to the ground with the communist society and the evils of whatever he was preaching. I got sick of it just being mushed into every page and swore I'd never read the series again. But I want to finish it out, just to have an idea of what the rest of it is like, so I'll continue to look for it, and maybe beg Pat to go buy one for me, if I can't find it.

Today's music:

  • Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
  • Stevie Wonder - Superstition
  • 50 Cent - In Da Club
  • Limp Bizkit - Jump Around
  • Korn - Twisted Transistor
  • Tony! Toni! Tone! - If I Had No Loot
  • Down to the Bone - Brooklyn Heights (BEST new fusion I've heard in a LONNNNG time!
  • Daft Punk - One More Time
  • Fatboy Slim - A good mix of all his stuff
  • Fiona Apple - Lots of stuff
I know it's been a while since I'm updated regularly, and I've wedding pictures ready to go up on Monday! WOOOOOOO!

I've been volunteering with Girl Scouts! I'm co-leader of troop #33 here in Ridgecrest, along with my ex-coworker, Christina! The Joshua Tree Council is our area, and their website is here. It's nothing too major, but it's really great to be volunteering with something I love, and to be a part of the community where I know I'm appreciated. (Hear that Ridgecrest library? Screw you...have a nice day!)

Anyway...gotta go get some stuff done!!!


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