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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh The Torture! Weight and Jobs Not Calling!

Haven't heard from the travel agency yet. Getting scared. =(

I just spent 45 minutes doing a little dance routine I haven't done in years, for exercise. Let's discuss exercise shall we? Everyone knows (or should) that you lose weight when you eat less calories then you expend. Now, there's limits! People should eat a minimum of a certain number of calories (depending on activity level, gender and other stuffs) to maintain muscle, and adaquetly nurish your body. But over that, there's pretty much levels. I've been eating about 1500, actually 1470, but since I've lost 10 pounds, that will decrease to 1400 even. Pat can eat almost a whole extra meal more then I can. Sometimes, I hate him for it...silently of course.

He's been good about not eating so much in front of me, cause I get a little upset and then I eat more anyway. But anyway....I hate most exercise machines! I loved our eliptical, but that kinda had an accident, and so now we have our stationary upright reclining bike. I mostly hate it. By mostly, I mean really a lot.

So I bought another mp3 player (did I tell you guys I lost my last one after like a week? They're SO tiny!!!) and have been doing what I used to do! Dancing around!

It's fun, I get to listen to techno, and the dog doesn't come up and lick me like he does when I'm on the bike. I'd like to get a rowing machine. Maybe in 6 months or so, when I prove to myself I'm truly committed enough to spend the money and use it.

But for now, I'm 10.5 pounds down, exercising almost daily, and eating healthy. We've tried the sinless sweet cream at Cold Stone and we mixed in some almonds. We shared a medium. It was yummy enough to feel like I was treating myself, but not so horrible that I gained weight the next day!

We eat a lot of veggies! Last night's dinner was 2 eggs scrambled (we normally use egg white mix) with lots of zucchini, mushrooms and a tiny bit of cheese (we don't have fat free cheese out here in the middle of no where....), in a whole wheat tortilla with some fat free sour creme. I mixed on some Frank's Red Hot Sauce and it was REALLY good!!

Sometimes we hit subway or blimpies. We had pancakes with sugar free syrup the other day. Our main diet thing was to be able to eat normally when we go out with people. If it means we have to exercise a bit more to work off the extra, so be it!!

We're learning. It's slow. Pat has cut out snacking completely. I snack on pumpkin seeds that I measure out beforehand. The only problem is that I'm kinda addicted to salt, so I tend to suck on the hulls....Pat yells at me...I just do it when he's not looking! GO ME!

Anyway...I just want to encourage people who are frustrated with their weight: Set a calorie goal, write down what you eat and total up the calories (FitDay is awesome!!), and MOVE! Doesn't matter if you're walking from your car to work, around the mall one extra time, or in your bedroom with the radio, door locked and scared as hell you'll look stupid...just do it!! It's worth it.

OH! Pat and I were talking about it the other day, and I forgot to tell his sister (well, my sister now too!) at the wedding that she's lost weight and looks AWESOME! Congrats Jo! I know it was hard work, and you look incredible! =)

Stupid travel agency better call or I'm gonna give myself a nervous breakdown.


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