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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Recap - April 26th

Okay guys! Here we go, daily goings-on of the wedding trip!

Wednesday, April 26th - Pat and I left Ridgecrest and headed down the 395 South to the 15, and wandered into Primm Valley, where we stayed at Whiskey Pete's! It was a really fun night of nickel video poker, nickel Monopoly slots (I lost as always) and the $2 blackjack table!! We had the buffet dinner (comped of course).

The dinner was not so hot, I thought. Their $6.95 prime rib dinner special in their coffee house was $5.95 not even a year ago, but it's still worth the price. In the buffet they had some sort of Chicken Santa Fe garbage. It was cold, wasn't seasoned, and was just all around yucky! But I was slightly (HA HA) buzzed and I ate really quickly and then after we had a bit of food in our stomaches, we headed back to the blackjack table!

On Thursday morning as we were getting ready to leave I tweaked my back when I bent over to get clothes out of my backpack. I thought nothing of it at the time, but it came back to bite me. =( The buffet breakfast was as yummy as always. They have made to order omlettes which are AMAZING!

We took off for Vegas early (well, 10-11ish) after a quick stop at the Fashion Outlet Mall for some pants and shirts for Pat at Old Navy and some foot scrub and lotion at Bath and Body Works for me!

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get to Thursday and Friday! :) Everyone have a great week!



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