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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wish Me Luck!

Well, today is the day! I have my second interview with
Jack Fry Travel and I am so incredibly nervous I can't begin to tell you. I want this job so very badly. It's doing something that I love, with an office of people that I had a chance to talk to, and I love everyone (so far!). They're all incredibly nice and it's sometihng that I could throw myself into and really love.

So wish me luck!!

Also, today I am down a total of 10.5 pounds! And yesterday, I ate like a pig, so I gotta go work out here in a second. I'm excited!!!! Pat is going to start doing weight training with me, and I'm really nervous. I wanted to tell everyone something though, that will hopefully change how you treat yourself.

One of my friends has high blood preassure, high cholesterol, and is pre-diabetic. He's 45 and has lost a lot of weight. But he's still dealing with this at 45. I'm sure his wife is beside herself with worry. I don't want to worry about either Pat or I. Once you have those conditions it very rarely, if ever, goes away.

So we're both learning how to be healthy now, for the rest of our lives. So that we better our chances. That's not to say that people who eat right, exercise and take care of themselves don't die of a heart attack while young, or deal with the other issues that I mentioned above. It just betters your chances. =)

In other news: Tawnia is leaving me on Friday! She's heading to
Laughlin!! She's gonna have a great time playing on the river and playing in the casino's! Be safe girl! Have fun, drive safely, and we'll go party when you get back!

It's my birthday in 2 weeks! YAY!!!! Birthdays and holidays are weird since I met Pat. He doesn't really celebrate anything. We did easter eggs once. He wasn't to enthused. So I've stopped doing mostly everything for holidays, and we do very little for birthdays. No cake, no parties, no presents. It's boring. I miss holidays. =( Especially when there's SO little to do out here, you'd think we make up reasons to have a little party, decorate the house if only for the two of us, and have a special meal!! No. That would make sense! I DEMAND A CHANGE! I want a birthday present Pat! And a CAKE! mmmmmmmmm cake! to do other stuff. Everyone have a great week, hope your holiday was safe, and that you remembered the real reason it's a holiday! Love you all!



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