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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pierced....Inside, For Life - Outside, For Now.

Someone once asked me why I had a whole in my tongue. The same person has holes in her ears, but explained, rather vehemently mine was different. The conversation went no where.

There is a point to this!

There are so many people who are pressure or forced into things (like having their ears pierced as babies) that they just accept. They don't question it, or wonder, it just is.

To those people who are told "Because I say so" and accept dear sirs or madams are the reason this society is declining at such a tremendously God-aweful rate!!!

WAKE UP! Be accountable! Question authority!! I'm not saying to riot in the streets and to become criminals here, but let's be honest! Our society has become a "fix it mommy, take away the bad people!" screaming child!

Gas prices too high? No one considers car-pooling, biking, public transportation, or even *GASP* BOYCOTTING the gas stations. Nooooooo, we cry to everyone we meet how our lives are ruined because we can't afford a twinkie to go along with our lunch! Or that we can't go on vacation. Grow up. Life is hard. *shrugs* Whining doesn't do anything about it, except maybe make me want to slap you. =) Get another job, where you can afford gas! Don't have skills? Go to school! Can't afford it...God only knows that everyone else gets financial assistance. Work for it!! Approach schools, churches, businesses, and scholarship funds and work it out!

One of the girls at work just had a kid. She's on Medi-Cal. Wal-Mart does not offer great medical insurance, and she qualifies. Some woman has the nerve to walk up to her and say "That comes out of my taxes!" I love this girl...she just stared at the woman and said "Yeah, so? It comes out of my taxes too!"

At least she's working. And 90% of the people who started at my store under federal or state assistance have been able to wean themselves off of it. They have jobs, they are working, they are functioning members of society! Some of them even have holes in places that aren't socially acceptable! :o

Ever wonder why pierced ears are cool, but tongues aren't? What about lip piercings, or tongue mutilation? Isn't it all the same thing? Where do you draw the line personally? Why? Don't have a reason? Do you even think about it?

I pierced my tongue because I wanted to. Piercing has always been something I've been really interested in, Pat's a stick in the mud, or I'd have many more!!!! MANY!

I kept my tongue piercing because it is now part of who I am. Like my car, my piercing has been with me through difficulties in life that I never imagined I would face. It is a badge I wear to remind myself to always question, respectfully. Whether it be a Dr who recommends a treatment that you don't agree with, a friend who tells you that the man you're with is worthless (so not talking about Pat here!!!), or a boss who tells you that you're failing miserabley. Question! Why? Why is best for this treatment? Why is this man possibly not good for me? Why am I not doing as well as I could do at work?? And what do I want to do about it?

You don't fault the dr, or the friend, or the boss for causing you to do something stupid. It's your own darn fault!

I thought about taking it out. Once, for a day or so, I did. But it was a part of me that went missing. Like taking off my engagement/wedding rings, after wearing them for almost 2 years, even though they themselves represent something but mean nothing...It was a strange feeling I wasn't ready for yet.

Pat doesn't like my piercing. I rarely wear earrings. Always had trouble with my ears, and earrings are too (for lack of a better word) trendy. Everyone has them, because everyone has them. I don't have a reason for having mine, I don't want to call attention to them or celebrate them.

Maybe one day I'll think about it, take it out, and never think about it again. Maybe I won't miss it, maybe I will grow out of it, and move on with another part of my life. Maybe I'll wear it until I'm old and gray, to remind me that other people's authority running my life a way I don't like, is my fault. And that I have the power and abbility to change it, if I am strong enough.

I'd be pierced out, with at least one tattoo now, if it wasn't for Pat. And I respect his stance, and I respect the fact that he's thinking through WHY it is that he doesn't like things that aren't traditional. That is his right. Since something I do to my body affects him as well, I've respected his request that I not pierce anything else, or get a tattoo. I will however, cut my hair.

But that's a conversation for another day.


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