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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sand and Sun Take On A Whole New Meaning In The Desert

Went outside to tan today. I spent maybe 20 minutes out there (10 minutes per side....sounds like we're cooking beef!), slathered myself with sunblock (40 spf), came in, rinsed off with some ice cubes on my shoulders (to keep the skin from continuing to cook while I was cooling off, drank a ton of water to keep myself from getting dehydrated, and to moisturize my skin, should I have spent to much time out there....and decided it's not worth it!!!

I'm an inside girl now. Used to be a tan little monkey! Now I'm a computer geek who doesn't go to the beach, and doesn't have any outside activities to lure me there.

It's 2pm, and between 80º-85º depending on which site you link to. It's been a cool summer so far! Last night as Pat and I left the theatre from seeing Cars we weren't hit with the blast of heat that says "HEY! You still live in the desert, and it's 90º at 9pm!" It was HEAVEN!!!!!

This summer has been the coolest since we've been out here. Of course it helps that we're not in the apartment anymore, though we spent last summer in this house as well, it still feels nicer!!

Anyway.....guess I should go accomplish something with my day!

I start my new job tomorrow morning! YAY!

Love you all!



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