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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! I present to you the most fun time of year: FOOTBALL SEASON!!! It helps that basketball season is right around the corner!

Thankfully, Pat and I *mostly* agree on football stuff.

  • Tenessee
  • San Diego State University....we're rebuiling....again! argh!!!!!!
  • Unfortunately, Pat is a bandwagon, good for nothing, LA lovin', USC fan. May I just say, GO TEXAS!!!! =) I don't think we'll be hearing "threepeat" anytime soon. WOO!
  • Pretty much any west coast team, over east coast.
  • Idaho....and for some reason Pat likes the cheating blue field Boise State.
We both hate Florida teams, New York teams, Pat has this thing against New England that apparently dates back to his time in Vermont. So we're a very anti-Patriot home.
Now, the other stuff.

Our Pro teams are only a few favorites, for the most part it's rooting AGAINST certain teams. The teams we love are:

  • Denver (WOOOOOOOOO)
  • The Colts, though I don't know if he likes them because Manning went to Tenessee or cause he just likes the colts. I think it's Manning.
  • Our friend Jeremy makes it almost impossible to not root for Green Bay, only cause he gets a little excited when they win, and very depressed when they lose.
  • Pat likes the Titans cause they're from Tenessee. Surprsingly, he's not, which makes no sense.
Teams we hate are much easier to decide on. We hate Oakland, and any team that is either currently in, or a past resident of, LA.

We NORMALLY hate NY, but since another Manning is their QB, we've been forced to re-think this. I personally, hate the team, but I guess Manning isn't quite so bad.

The Vikings, Ravens, Cowboys, have I mentioned that Patriots? The Falcons, any team T.O. is on....that's pretty much it. We don't really like the Redskins, or the Dolphins, so we automatically root for the other team.

I personally hate the Chargers with a passion so deep it's hard to explain. So Pat regularly roots for them. Bastige. Either way, there's always a team we're either a HUGE fan of, or that we really truly despise playing, so it makes it more fun to watch games.

That said, any really good football game is fun to watch, wether you're rooting for a given team or not. Those games are few and far between though. It IS the pro's, after all.

In other news: BASKETBALL is almost here!!! The fun part? San Diego State (my team) plays Arizona (Pat's team) and my team stands a good chance of playing his team INCREDIBLY close. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Gonna be a hot night in this house during THAT game!!!

S! D! S! U!

S! D! S! U!



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