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Monday, August 07, 2006

A Look Through Faves

Every now and then I go through my favorites and find weird things hanging around that I can't stand to get rid of, but that I never need. I am, however, amused by them sometimes, so I keep them!

Today's finds?

The Helmet Project

Peasent's Quest - Fans of Trogdor and Sierra On-Line will LOVE this one. No cheating!

Hamburger Gravy Recipe - Just a random piece o' fun!

Someone set up us the bomb! All Your Base baby!! ROFL! Old gaming joke. Yes, it's cheesy. I'm a gamer, what do you expect??!

Monarch of the Seas reviews. We went on our honeymoon, we're going again in Feb!

10 Reasons High Def DVD's have failed

Feeding Frenzy!


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