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Friday, August 18, 2006

South Park Episodes

Pat and I were watching South Park this evening, and I decided to make a list of my favorite episodes. Just for fun. I list them here for your pleasure, and to give my family a minor heart attack!

  • Michael Jackson

  • Mormon Episode - dumb! dumb! dumb!

  • Ninja Episode! "Let's fighting love!"

  • Cow Days. "moo"

  • Scientology - "Trapped in the closet!"

  • The dog whisperer - TCHHHTCH!

  • Free Wilzyx - The free willy meets South Park episode!

  • Faith +1 is good too.

  • Jennifer Lopez episode is disturbing but REALLY funny

  • The hippy episode was good too.

The Catholic episode earns an honorable mention only cause of the Pitfall scene. I laughed for a full hour over that one.

The spontaneous explosion episode also earns honorable mention for the catholic priest half singing half chanting that "Let's go" and the congregation singing back "Bronco's!!"

Anything with Jesus vs Santa is hilarious because it brings out the fact that we really do commercialize a strictly religious holiday.

I can't stand the veal episode, any episode with Christopher Reeves, or anything gross. :p

Oki...everyone enjoy your weekend!

We're getting Pat's tooth pulled Monday, he's not having a good time of his tooth hurting him.



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