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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fine, I Guess I'll Update!

Well, I haven't finished Crazy Like A Fox, but I did finish Killer Angels and have started on Why I Wore Lipstick : To My Mastectomy !

Lots has happened, but you know me, I get busy or bored, and forget to update my here goes.

Pat and I went to Reno last weekend. We got to play craps with John McCain and hang out with Dave and his group with Weapons Analysis (4.10).

I've got an Alaskan cruise that I'm selling as my first griop. It looks to be a lot of fun, though I'm really nervous about selling it. Wish me lucklk!!

Work is going well for me, I love everyone here, and am learning a alot. Though I feel as though I'll never get to the end of the learning stage. It'd be nice to feel totally conmfortable with what I'm attempting!

I got my nails done! They're bright blue acrylics, and my toes are Hawai'i pink with little flowers on them!! *flutters happily*

Anyway....this weeknd is laundry, bathroom cleaning and hanging out watching football, with a little bit of football thrown in! WOO! Everyone enjoy, and stay safe.


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