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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I *Hate* Ridgecrest

Pat and I spent the last few days getting more stuff done in and around the house then usual, but I am having problems, personally.

I hate Ridgecrest. It's either hot (117ยบ) or blowing streetsigns off of the stoplight holders. I have no friends, or the 2 friends I have I never see. And I'm frustrated.

I miss the beach. I miss crazy Nathan and Beth, and mom and dad. I miss bookstores with a coffeeshop where I can spend a whole day off. I miss driving around and doing fun stuff. I miss malls, and movie theatres. I miss jamba juice, and balmy weather. I miss being able to walk outside without worrying about vinagaroons, brown recluses, black widows, and mojave rattlesnakes.

I miss my Honda Accord, and stopping at the roadside mexican hole in the wall for the BEST taquitos and guacamole in the world. I miss Humphrey's by the Bay, and Seaport Village, and The Gasslamp. I miss Horton's Plaza, and being able to spend a day on the bus/trolley system with a book and seeing everything for 5 bucks.

I miss the embarcadero, and Balboa Park. I miss my Disneyland annual pass, my zoo and Wild Animal Park annual pass, and my Sea World annual pass.

I miss breakfasts at Perry's and picnic dinners at the Mira Mesa park. I miss library's FILLED with books, and walking in well lit areas for miles on end.

I miss celebrations and parades and free museums, and Christmas on the Prado. I miss following my Aztecs, My Padres and my Broncos....well, I still follow the Broncos!!

I miss Stigma piercing parlor and John and his craziness. I miss Santee Lakes and Julian, and Rancho Cuyamaca. I miss Belmont Park, and ComiCon, and the San Diego Star Wars Society. I miss Magic games at Wizards of the Coast.

I miss making lots of money and having extra to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss who I was back then, and I don't know when I changed. But I am sick here, and trying hard not to blame Pat, because it's NOT his fault. But I don't know how to fix it.

Everyone I know wants to spend their weekends drinking. I want to play some video games, or take a walk on the beach or read a book in the sun without melting.

I know I can't go back to that, but I still miss it. So dearly that every day here seriously makes me hate it just a little bit more.


Okay, back to



Blogger Dawn said...

I feel ya this town sucks, I can not wait to back to florida

10:36 PM  

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