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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Pat

Re-reading my entry from earlier, I feel I came off a little hard on Pat.

I don't, in any way shape or form blame Pat for my frustrations about the crappy town I live in. I made a choice to come here, willingly and knowingly. And I make a daily choice to wake up, and live here, and stay here.

My poor Pat does all he can to make things right. We have an awesome house, and a wonderfully happy bouncy puppy whom I love with all my heart.

We have a chance to go to stateline and relax more often then we would if we lived elsewhere.

Pat feels, I'm sure, that I am unnessarily rough on Ridgecrest, and I probably am. That is, of course, my right! :p

But Pat is the most wonderful human being on earth, and I would live the rest of my entire life right here in hell, if it meant that I would get to be with him forever.

I've depressed myself just mentioning that as an option!

Back to work again....


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