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Friday, October 20, 2006 and stuffs

Yesterday I finished Fools Errand by Robin Hobb, and went to go order books 2 and 3 of the series, and I have never read it before. (Shocking, I know!)

I went to both and Barnes and Noble. I tried really, really hard to like B&N more then Amazon. After all, it's the place I love with all my heart, as a brick and morter store. But alas, Amazon was simply better.

In ankle news, I got my cast off today, and there's no fracture or break, only a really bad sprain.

I have a brace I have to wear for the next 3 weeks, while slowly increasing the weight I place on it. I thought slowly meant "You're fine, go ahead and walk on it" and so I did. Today, I regret that choice greatly!

So...yeah! I've added my true Christmas wish to my list....a bookcase!! WOO!

Pat and I are both off today, so we're gonna sit like zombies and play Camelot all day. WOO!

Have a great Friday everyone!


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