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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back to Camelot! And the start of my Christmas List!

This month, Pat and I have known each other 5 years. What an awesome feeling!!!

On another note, we've returned to Dark Age of Camelot! I'm really excited about going back to game where I enjoy the PvP, and of course, DAoC has been my home since Steven and John and I all left EQ for it. Infinite Void may be no more, but in my heart, it lives on!!!

I really love PvP in DAoC, and it's truly what I'm looking for in my next game. If we don't stay in Camelot, next will be Warhammer Online or Pirates of the Burning Sea! Both have PvP as an end game, and a really strong feel for it as one levels though the game!!

In other news, girl scouts has been going well, and one of the girls at Wal-Mart recommended I continue the books I gave her (The Liveship Series by Robin Hobb) and read Fools Errand. I have it, just have never read it, so it's next on my list!

Also, Pat always asks what I want for Christmas, so here goes! (Keep in mind, I want it returnable, in case I don't like it! *grins*)

  • A Bronco hoodie that's at least one size larger then it needs to be! With the cool orange/blue logo on the front hopefully.
  • Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy (U.S. 1, 2, or 3), Dr. Mario, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, or anything else Square/Enix on the virtual console for the Revolution
  • A dog house for Puppita so I don't feel bad leaving him outside in the cold on the cement
  • A new video card, so camelot isn't quite so laggy as I'm following Hellvamp around the frontier zones!
  • A new puppy. Bichon Frise if possible!! *begs like a cute little Bee!!*
  • A bread maker with some low carb recipes
  • A geek shirt, a lay on hands....omg, read down the blog entries and find the shirts I like and get me one of those! Xl please!
  • A SD card for more memory on my MP3 player
  • Money for a Walt Disney World trip
  • The Camelot expansion
  • The ORIGINAL (Han shot first) Star Wars 3 DVD set
  • ...if I think of anyting else, rest assured, it will make it on here!

Anyway, Bronco's won again today, I got level 48 with my ranger in DAoC, and tomorrow it's back to work!

The two girls in the office who've been in Italy for 3 weeks will be back on Wednesday, and our office manager leaves for her Southeast Asia tour a week from Wednesday! I'm jealous watching these people take vacation after vacation, but Pat and I still have a lot of things we want to do before we spend the money on trips. Well....Pat does, and I know he's right, so I grudingly agree!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


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