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Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, Monday!

Well, I'm back at work today, after a week spent resting and a weekend spent massive pvp'ing in Camelot! What a great weekend spent with Pat! We barely watched football, though we did catch the newest Amazing Race on Sunday night.

I spent most of my time PvP'ing as my 50 Bard, Adra. We wandered the Albion countryside on Friday night, blowing the hell out of anything that moved. Saturday we stayed up 'til 1am fighting off a relic raid, as Midgard and Albion took over any Hibernian tower and keep they could. It was a fantastic night, filled with harrowed fighting, lots of deaths, and great realm points for both Pat and I. Steven missed it completely. hee hee!

I've yet to get a hold of John to tell him we've gone back to Camelot. I'm hoping he and Lisa will join us here!

Ankle is doing better. I hate this brace. I tried walking yesterday without it for a while, and this mornining I regretted it! I am now walking with the crutch and brace, though it gets easier after a little bit. After sitting, I am good to go, but after a bit of walking, I am just burnt and in pain, and I have to sit. It sucks.

Isabel is having a Halloween party for Sister City on Saturday, with costumes and all. Pat seems so very against it, that we probably won't be going. I'm probably the biggest anti-halloween proponent out there, but since it's a chance to meet people and to get out of the house, I am all for it!!! Oh well!

Girl scout camp is the first weekend of November. I don't think I'll be able to go. I need to talk to Christina about it tonight!

Laughlin is the second weekend of November. I definitely need to go, though walking may be tender and slow!

We're 2 months away from Christmas in Tennessee, and Pat and I are actively finding Christmas presents for everyone we can.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Isabel for her calls and her friendship during this time. She called me when I got home from the Doctor on Monday, and again this weekend, to see how I was, though she was struggling with her own root canal issues. Her kindness and sweet nature has touched my heart, and I adore her! *hugs Isabel* You're gonna have a great time in Europe girl! I'm excited for you!!!

I am finishing up Tawnia's birthday present (some of the details just refuse to allow themselves to be tied up), and I'm excited about telling her!!! I miss her lots. Since I left we've only hung out twice, and I feel like I've taken advantage of her friendship. I really hope she enjoys her present!

Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend .(Who didn't? The Bronco's won! GO BRONCOS!)

Please havce a safe and happy week!

Love you all!



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