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Monday, October 16, 2006

My wonderful honey and the case of the stupid ankle

Pat came to take me to lunch but I can't walk on my ankle at all. No pressure whatsoever. So Bonnie, our office manager, and Pat required that I call the dr, for crutches, a brace, and to be SURE that nothing major has occured. I'm going at 2:30. Until then, Pat went to go get me a salad for lunch, and he'll come back to drive me to the dr's.

Let's be honest. I hate dr's. The first time after my whole ordeal that I walked into a hospital, I started shaking so badly that Pat was afraid I'd pass out. So I hope all goes's gonna be hard to drive if this hurts like this tomorrow.

I've rolled my ankle before, and been able to gingerly walk on it after a few hours or so. This time, I'm a little scared. But I'm 99% sure I'm totally fine, and in a few hours I'll be able to stiffly hobble around!

I'll let ya'll know how the dr's goes this evening. But this might ruin my week as far as girl scouts and such. I sure hope not! We were gonna play dodgeball!!

My honey is a sweetheart though, to be so willing to drive me around....I love him!!


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