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Monday, October 16, 2006

OMG! I'm gonna die!!!

Well, it feels like it!

Today I left for work earlier then usual, to have time to drop off some paperwork at the Girl Scout office. I was at work early enough to reset the server and my computer for the critical updates I downloaded Friday, as well as get the office ready for a busy day.

On the way to an office mate's desk, I somehow stepped wrong, and rolled my ankle. Somehow in the process of getting my balance back, I attempted to step on that foot several times. Now, my ankle hurts.

I can't get a hold of Pat either at his desk or at his lab number. I'm pretty sure he went to get a breakfast burrito. The pain isn't bad enough to cry over, I'm FINE, but when I tried to stand up after sitting a few moments, I was dizzy and almost nauseated.

Now I'm sitting at my desk, trying to find a position to keep it that doesn't cause instant excruciating pain.

And still no Pat....

I can't Ice it, I can't elevate it, I'm at work. I have to be at my desk! If Mary and Cynthia weren't out, I could go home, and if it's like this after work, I might!!!

I'm at trying to get a hold of Pat to see if he can take me to lunch. Driving would be possible, but probably not a good idea. It is my right foot, and the lever motion would hurt. Plus, Pat can help support me as I walk all lopsidedly. I'd also like to try to get to Rite-Aid or Warl-Mart for an ankle brace, and hopefully for actual tennis shoes, instead of slip-on Dr. Scholls. It doesn't seem to be swelling up to badly, and I think the support would be helpful. Getting off my shoes hurts though, so I put them back on....

Anyway, I just want to cry. Not cause it hurts, though it does, but not badly enough to lose it. I want to cry cause Pat isn't here to hug me and help me, cause he's probably getting a damn breakfast burrito.

Watch, he'll call moments after I post this, and he'll have been in an important meeting getting funding for his current project....and I won't feel bad at all! I'll just point to my ankle and pout!! *pouts*


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